Foreword to Rhyme and Rhythm

Foreword to “Rhyme and Rhythm” by 


Brahama-rishi Smt. Umadevi Amma

(reflecting the Inner Voice of Sadguru Sree Seshadri Swamigal)


There is rhythm in everyone’s birth.There is rhyme in one’s everyday life. So the forces of rhyme and rhythm are with us always! we can witness rhyme and rhythm in the Parabrahman’s blessings on the people in the world.


The Vedic way of life

The fourVedas tell us how we should lead our life. The Upanishads and the Bhashyas spell out rhymes as to the art of effacing karmas. Everyone has food for sustenance of energy and in same way, everyone must go through the rhythm of japa, stotram and dhyanam, besides study of Vedas and Bhashyams.


Rhyme and Rhythm

V. Suryanarayan’s book entitled “Rhyme and Rhythm” tells us

(a)how to reach God

(b)which way we should adopt in life for the present

(c)how to proceed in the future

(d)with what dhyanam we should proceed

(e)what is the importance of rhythm

(f)how Atman should get into Brahman.


A book – Important for everyone

Perusal of many of the particular rhymes makes our heart pure and straightforward. This book is therefore an important one for everyone in the world.

For the question how we can get Parabrahman’s anugraham, this book has a direct answer. The book is a treasure –house of knowledge about the body, life and the Atman – about everything.

“Vedantic Rhymes” constitutes the most important poem in this book. The third poem entitled “The patron” and the eighth one entitled “The lotus rhythm” are equally important pointing towards the aspect of dhyanam. Our heart is like the lotus! The eleventh one called “The rhythm of sunflower” dwells on Nature and Brahman.

Almost everyone gives us some advice but the cited ones are the deepest.


Reverberating with life

The poems are like the jeevan with life. They are lively, having the tinge of reverberations of life.



Author’s Introduction

Om Panchaashath-peeta rupinyai namaha” says one of the thousand names of Lalitha enshrined in Lalitha Sahasranamavali.

Parashakti divides herself into fifty (Panchaashat) primordial particles of forms. Each peeeta-shakti bears a name from ‘Amrita’ to ‘Kshama’ and the first-letters from each of these 50 names make up to Sanskrit alphabet or Aksharamala!.These letters are thejasic and can be seen by the Third Eye!. They are letters that glow, self-luminous!


Fifty Flowers

By grace of Panchaashath-peeta-rupini, namely, Parashakti in 50 diverse forms, I offer this book of poems and verse at the worshipful Lotus Feet of Sadguru Sree Seshadri Swamigal. Without the grace of the 50 Devis or Shaktis whose fifty ultimate particles make up the entire fabric of the Universe, there can be no elemental harmony and balance of such perfection in nature. Hence the total number of 50 literary flowers and the fitting title “Rhyme and Rhythm”. These fifty blossoms are encompassed in 108 pages – an Ashtottara!

Vedantic Rhymes (included in Part II) is by far the longest of verses or poems. This particular item is based on the Sanskrit masterpiece entitled “Vedanta Dindima” meaning Vedantic Proclamations attributed to Sri Adi Shankara Bhagwan. I need hardly say how much the grace of Seshadri Mahaan has been. It is immeasurable. Hence my humble salutations to both on the concluding page.



I am very deeply indebted to Sadguru Sree Seshadri Swamigal for the blessing by way of preface to “Rhyme and Rhythm” appended by the Iha-para Sowbhagyavathi Seshanadarupini Brahma-rishi Smt.Uma Devi Amma. transmitting the Sesha-nada in a unique way not only to bless this literary work but also to shed light on Rhyme and Rhythm in the Universe itself!

I offer my silent prayer and invoke the blessings of Sri Arunachaleswara, Apeeta Kuchamba, Mahan Seshdari, Ramana Bhagawan, Shankaracharya and Sharada on all – for their peace and prosperity as a prelude to liberation which is the sole message of “Rhyme and Rhythm” in praise of cosmic rhythm.

I wish all the readers Godspeed and good luck on this day, which happens to be my 63rd birthday.

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