Poems from Rhyme and Rhythm

The poet

Mahabharata was woven by Vyasa

Valmiki filled the cup with Ramayana rasa!

Beauty against beast their topics

The tragic tale of two epics!


Rishis perceived Reality Ultimate

Their literary creations fascinate

The readers and writers alike

To keep Consciousness awake!


Epics shed light on Light of Light

Critics see That as sight of sights!

Embraced by bliss and raptures,

The manifest God, their vision captures!


For visionaries, Creator is the poet!

Revolutionary, silent and quit;

Universe whole is His poetry,

Seen in cosmic order and symmetry!


The poem

Mused Seshadri Mahan:

“A poem is a bridge

Between God and man.”

His sword has poetic edge!


His poem is food for thought

For those in samsara caught!

“Body falls, remainder is soul fiery”

Poetic message is “Sesha” theory!


His mantra is of welfare word

And tantra to save the world!

His yantra-sree is talisman

For trouble–free life of man


He holds the scale even

But tilts it in favour of forlorn!

Ocean of kindness He is

His blessings we get with ease!


The patron

Whither Mountain path

Without Arunachaleswara!

There’s no aftermath

Without the innate Iswara!


Whither material line

Bereft of spiritual in fine?

There’s no matter of writ

Without the Cosmic Spirit!


Whither creative force

Sans Supreme Creator?

There’s no clumsy course

In creation simpliciter!


Whither Big Bang

Without the Lord’s will?

There’s no chance song

Big is small in His mill!


Whither cage beautiful

Without the central parrot?

There’s no knowledge useful

Sans Patron Mother in Chariot!


One intent on crime and strife

Knows no rhyme in life

By failing indeed to fathom

The cheer of Cosmic rhythm!


One bent on auctorial puerility

Has room none for rhyme of reality

By failing to see divine cause

In the ring of rhythmic pause


Rhyme is the symphony of sound

The seed with which it is bound

Rhythm is harmony of repetition

Lotus opening and manifestation!



Rhyme and rhythm

The poet’s material is a jungle,

Vast in variety and verisimilitude

But the impact is a jingle,

The joyful product a beatitude!


From the jungle to the jingle

There’s a world of wilderness

Thoughts chiselled by hand of angel

And ideas chained to harness!


Sound similar is the rhyme

Band regular is the rhythm

Identity inspires the former

Recurrence rules the latter!


Constant are planetary rotations

Instantly phenomenal the revolutions

Lord created universal rhyme

Celestial rhythm is measure of time!


In poet’s mind ideas revolve

Creative imaginations its resolve!

Verse and universe rhyme together

Both creations bound by divine tether!


Whither poems and poets

Devoid of lovers and pets?

There is nothing to chase

Bar the Reader’s base!


Whither poetic fiction

Whither musical diction?

There’s no poetic phase

Bereft of Guru’s grace!


Nada Brahman

The flutter of bird’s wings,

The platter of bell rings,

Melody of man’s musings,

Have strings strange of character

But bring one to Nada Brahman’s nectar!


An unusual insignia

Of Onomatopoeia
The Figure of Speech

For those who beseech-

The sound suggesting

The inner meaning-

Lies in contrivance fine

Of a sound line
And to meditate over

Its subtle tower

For journey resolute

To realize The Absolute!


Ecstasy reigns supreme

As inner light begins to beam

Sound emerges from Mover Prime

Like the rhythm of the beat

That reverberates in the heart

Or the ring of the Atman

That rhymes with the Brahman!


Song of the elephant

O Vinayaka! Do I live for a hundred years

With your grace and blessing aside?

Save me from poachers’ constant fears

Before they take me for a ride!


Their rhymes to you as elephant-headed

Gajamukha! You are their worthy God

Keep me away from all the dreaded

Before I reach rhythmic end of fraud!


O Lord! My head is turning

By the crushing weight of my pride!

Ideas foul inside are churning,

On my price here, far and wide!


Living or dead, same value I command

What’s your price, O Man, after life?

What value does your deed demand

Or is it tale of inglorious strife?


What care I if my tusks aren’t of ivory?

I would welcome ones made of wood!

To keep away from Cruelty’s treachery

That could leave me forlorn or dead!


My leg is cut for display as show-piece

My tusk for use in handicrafts fine!

My parts in peril and so my peace

O Lord Vinayaka! Unleash your force divine!


Rhyme of the rose

My name is Rose

Imposingly I pose

As queen of flowers

In fantasia of colours!


Different from thorn

My bud is born

As dean of flowers

In earthly towers!


As the red rose

I am very close

To paradise of lovers

As choicest of flowers!


I am the poet’s choice

The Vedantin’s voice

Petals portray destiny

Thorn the inner mutiny!


I adorn the garden

The ‘Varsity warden

The lovers’ nature

The flower culture!


I stand for softness

In world of wilderness!

My quality is defined

May you be refined!


I bedeck the deity

With devotees’ piety

In temples many

As sweet honey!


There is no strife

As love is life

I am the power

Behind flowery cover!


I’m the peace maker

If you are a taker!

As symbol of peace

World has new lease!


Aroma is my fort

Destination your sport!

Fragrance I spread

You pick up the thread!


The lotus rhythm

Who am I?
Have an eye!

For flowery impetus

Here I’m as lotus!


Do you look aside

A lotus-eyed?

Or get elated

At a lotus-faced?


Celestial damsels

Beautiful angels

Bear my name

For their flame!


Rain-dew droplets

Shine as topaz lights

On petals mine

Like detachment fine!


Likened to Lord’s feet

My life isn’t effete!

Surrendering is feat

To Guru’s lotus feet!


I’m the mother’s face

The poet so says!

My petal ruminates

Her face radiates!


My birth in quagmire

Stirs brain of fire!

Low may be the genesis

But beautified by Nemesis!


Kings lose kingdom

By love of quackdom!

Low one becomes sire

Like I rise from mire!


Blossoming phenomenon

Is the sine qua non!

It is a flowery way

To spiritual gay!


Goddess of wealth

Of monetary health

As Perfection’s acme

Is in me as Lakshmi!


In the microcosm

And the macrocosm

I’m the seat of Atman

And the beat of Brahman!


As Kundalini’s abode

I’m the spiritual guide!

Show your mettle

By passing the petal!


“Through lotus”, poets say,

“Discover imprisoned ray!”

Petals have their way

In holding you at bay!


In Muladhara core

I have petals four!

In petalled Swadhishtana

Six make Adhishtana!


In Manipura den

Petals rise to ten!

In Anahata delve

Petals divided to twelve!


Vishuddi in region throat

Sixteen petals float!

Two-petalled Ajna

Is passport to jnana!


High in Sahasraara

Amidst the aurora,

Scintillating as Atman

Stays supreme Brahman!



In the Lord’s sport

Vishnu ran short

Of a lotus to offer

In His puja proper!


What did he proffer?

Plucking his lotus eye

To please his capital “I”

Placed it on Lord, to prosper!


The vibgyor rhyme

Violet is indeed the colour prime

Vibgyor flowers reign supreme!


Indigo is indicator of shade ego

Ikebana, innovator of show and bow!


Blue is for the beautiful lily

Brilliant being its flower ally!


Green shade makes memory green

Get-up and artistry sure to be seen!


Yellow colour gives golden facade

Yonder in Heaven, flowers don’t fade!


Orange reminds fruit of arrangement!

Oriental philosophy brings fulfilment!


Red is the flower to attract attention

Robust is the ruse in its composition


“J” for Jasmine!

Jasmine smell joins jay-walkers

Jarring note there’s none from takers!


Jaunting is its aromatic rarity

Jaundiced viewers too perceive purity!


Jargons in parlance enhance its beauty

Jazz rhythmic can’t sing with surety!


Jewel-free flower’s name is Jasmine

Jealous fragrance its fame, not mine!


Jejune manifestation it knows not

Jerky asymmetrical rhyme never its lot!


Jungle rustics may jibe in jeopardy

Jasmine isn’t one to join the parody!


Jokes and clowns can’t incite titters

Jove frowns in Heaven on poetic jitters!


Judge the flower spotless, denuded of irony

Jasmine smell symbolic of upward journey!


Rhythm of sun-flower

My name to conjure with is sun-flower

And my fame is venture to help the fun lover!


Like the solar disc I stand above my Creator

With an inner core as if from cosmic reactor!


Invisible to Earth is far side of lunar territory

Imperceptible to Sun is mystic back of Mercury!


My back side too isn’t exposed to Sun

As if axial rotation equals the orbital one!


Rhythmic beauty marks my features outer

Symbolic piety is oil from my micro-oyster!


Pass the petal with a rhyme to reach my core

My gold metal is indeed on peripheral fore!


Petal seem too many like the Atman

But the metal reality is unity of Brahman!



The one worthy of worship,

As per Vedic proclamation,

Vocal focus of unearthly ‘gossip’

Is verily the Paramatman!


The one reachable by Yama-Niyama,

Amenable to Pratyahara and and Pranayama,

Dhyana, Samadhi and levitation

Is the subtlest Paramatman!


Subtler than seeds of the banyan,

Smaller than the smallest grain,

Like Hairy End’s millionth fraction

Is the subtlest Paramatman!


The spiritual aspirant’s aahaara,

Cause of gochaara, effect of vichaara,

Of the principle of transcendence

Paramatman is the very essence.


Elusive to grasp of sensory organ,

Exceeding limits of literary jargon,

Imperceptible to intellectual domain,

Is the Paramatman’s reign!


Beyond lilting rings of the rhyme,

Beyond recurring beats of the rhythm,

Prime pursuit of sadhaka supreme,

Is indeed the Paramatman!


Purusha Supreme

Bereft of beginning or end

Beyond the Universal bend

Cause of creation and the legend

Exceeding man’s power to mend

Pain and pleasure of every trend

That dries not

Burns not





Cause of all rage

And camouflage

Defying description

Idea for inscription

Maker of movement in the world

And of planets hurled

Mover of time

But no lover of crime

Power par excellence

Personification of silence

Is the Vedic Purusha

The Parama Purusha!


Night Sun in Arunachala!

The morning sun has bright eye lashes

But the night moon has none!

The beauty of the day vanishes

With the inexorable setting sun!


The night moon has pouring milk and honey

But the midday sun has none!

Tasters of milk and honey transitory, like money,

With the inevitable setting moon!


There is no place in cosmos fine

Where day sky shows lunar lashes!

But night sky in Arunachala has solar rays

Visible only to the very divine!


Yonder there at the foot is Sadguru’s shrine

With Mahan Seshadri as beacon light!

In wonder of the world, shishyas bathe in line,

In the Ocean of Kindness, peace in sight!


The jewel

Does jewelry cause delusion?

Or, does it bring about an illusion

About inner realities

The external inanities

The outer misconceptions

Internal embellishments

Niceties that are nugatory

Temptations transitory

Beautification of the physical frame

Or the innate soul of metaphysical frame?


Body is the wearer

Soul the watcher!

Gems and jewels,

Diamonds in duels

Rubies and sapphire stones

In sparkling tones

Their puzzling reflections

Rhythmic radiations

Dazzling topaz lights

Make bewitching sights!


The yellow metal shines

But the wearer whines!

Diamonds can cut

Hardness may hurt

As these shapely ones have no heart!


Curved lines of the jewel

Sharply in tune with labyrinthic coil

For the inner turmoil

Of the Kundalini that sleeps

And the Jeevan that weeps!


What do I ever care

If I’ve no jewelry to wear?

O Sadguru Seshadri Swami I swear!

For me, it is no joke if I reveal

That you are the jewel!


The vision

Is seeing believing?

Does it rhyme with reasoning?

One who sees oneself in others

One’s vision wedded to their welfare offers

To “cut ice”

As one bears the Atman’s eyes!


Not empty looks

But the In-dweller’s copy books!

Not devoid of depth

But soul-ful load of health:

“Samadarshanaha Sarvatra”

That is the Vedantic mantra!


Equality of vision

That is the Sadguru’s passion!

The voice of spiritual vitality

For witnessing the Ultimate Reality!

That’s the rhyme Vedic

The rhythm Cosmic!


The secret power!

The nectar of immortality-

Those who drank with felicity

Brahma, Indra and others in a way similar

Carry a mortal fear singular

That seems to chase them fast

Like the speed superlative of deer in forest

The apprehension of impending death

And the figurative gasping for breath

Barring the unique one

Who drank the deadly poison,

With rhythmic ease,

To extend others’ life and lease,

That came up from the bosom of the Ocean

At the time ancient of its churning

Only to pose a problem burning!


What saved the Lord’s life pivotal

O divine Mother, was the force vital,

The power spiritually illimitable

Scientifically indescribable

Of your ear rings divya

And verily your Mangalya!


The Durga rhythm

O Durga! Divine Mother famous!

Prostrations to your lovely feet lotus!

In Mount Kailas you are seated with grit,

And in three worlds runs your writ!

Amidst myriad topaz lights lies the Himalayan home

The crown of your abode is the hilly dome!

You adorn the dharmic throne,

Dispensing justice for karmic’s criminal tone!

Surrounded ever by paragons of bhakti,

And fifty primordial powers like Dakini Shakti!

Armed with energy illimitable

Besides power invincible!

You are revered by Rahu, the Dragon’s head

The serpentine deity as it is said!


O Durga! Lunar crescent adorns your crown,

On evil doers you are known to frown!

Your body beautiful is but one of mantra,

Sound bastion is the secret tantra!

Dispeller of darkness and disease,

Destroyer of demons you are with ease!

Hailed in your peaceful form books!

As Lakshmi, Saraswathi of elegant looks!

As Vidya, Parama and Paradevata!

Shonkari, Ganga and Gambhiradevata!

Whilst in your form not at all mild

As Jwalamukhi and the volcanic wild!

With red and bloodshot eyes,

You aren’t cool or cold as ice!


O Durga! You are an image of beauty,

“Daarunaprabha”, page of pitiful plenty!

And in the opposite role of ire,

Fuming with smoke and fire!

After many a victorious battle,

With rakshasas of hard core metal,

You are hailed as Chamundeswari,

Chamundi, in the role of Iswari!

As Bhadrakali, Shumbadamani, Mantrni,

Nishumbahantri and Mahishasura-mardini!

As champion of kings, you are the succour,

And as Rajarajeswari, the king maker!

Conferrer of name and fame

But not hesitant to wield the fiery flame!


O Durga! Bent you are on banishing poverty

Ailments, irksomeness and impecuniosity

Devi, you are the in-dwelling balaa

Of all – Nada, Bindu and Kalaa!

You are the ultimate reality and ripple

And also one transcending the principle!

The primordial nature and beyond

Of manifest and unmanifest brand!


The centre you are Vedic secret,

And the target of Vedantic pursuit!

Hence as revellers in Vedic knowledge

We have to reach you passing over Razor’s Edge!

Bless us, Devi par excellence!

You are Divinity, pure effulgence!


Dahlia’s rhyme!

I’m the spiritual queen

Of flowers you haven’t seen!

My colours have been

To ensure place of the Dean!


I have my own honey-comb

Creation is in my womb!

The touchstone of the tomb

In Brahma Samadhi I’m benumbed!


I have the galactic hole

And God has given one a role!

Sole purpose to spell out a dole

And make you know His pole!


My each petal is an entity

Thousand ones show creativity!

All in apparent diversity

But Brahman and Atman in unity!


You can guess I’m dahlia

The flower that verily sends

One and all to regalia

And to the bower that bends!


Prayer time

The sun rises on point of time

Breeze blows a blade thicker

Breakfast brought to my succour

And I embark for my daily dime!


Routine fills my working hours

Strain and drudgery marketing the nerves

The Sun sets on point of time

And crestfallen I return home!


Sleep overtakes me with nightfall

With undercurrents of thought to befall

And another day dawns, Oh, Saviour

Without offering my fervent prayer!



The Sun sheds its rays

Nature has its ways

Waters flow down the hill

At the Almighty’s will!


The Moon throws its light

Without expecting a bit

Vanaspati gets vitality!

From lunar hospitality!


Moving clouds shower rain

The growing crops gain

Life on earth they sustain

Strife for living to contain!


Men build monuments

To serve, have arguments

But how many do my Lord

Without desiring a reward?



The sweetness of honey

Is not known to the flower;

The value of money

Is not known to the miser!


The timing ring of school

Is not heard by the bell!

The value of the pearl!

Is not known to the shell!


Aromatic smell of incense

Isn’t felt by the stick

Quality of widening fragrance

Isn’t known to sandal bark!



Poetic rhyme

Repetitive chime

Symbolic of meaning

Is literary lining!


Cosmic rhythm

Difficult to fathom

Vedic facet

Is creation secret!


Masterly fiction

Musical diction

Lend spicy lime

To literary rhyme!


Oceanic waves

In mental caves

Cause pauses rhythmic

And ripples Vedantic!


The seventh enemy!

Enemies traditional are six

They place all in a fix!


There is a seventh in Kali’s age

That fills you with rage!


The foremost is desire

It ditches one in mire!


The second is sort of ire

That puts one in pot of fire!


The third is miserliness

Throwing light on weakness!


Attachment to globe material

Brings obstacles to goal spiritual!


Arrogance and illusion,

Delusion mar one’s vision!


The sixth foe is jealousy

Strange bedfellow of fallacy!


The seventh suspicion

That bites like the scorpion!


Suspect a saint never

Or lose grace divine for ever!


And suspect a true sage

Annihilation says the adage!



Glittering ‘gems’

‘Grown’ on greens

Like tiny grapes,

Peaches and plums,

Pearls of shapes,

Jewels too,

Adorn you,

Conferrer of mukti,

O Parashakti!

When you smile,

Lips open awhile

And lo!

To them I bow:

Your teeth bright

Sparkling white!

But after the chew

‘Fire’ they spew

So they seem

Great I deem!

But the flame,

O Divine dame!

Glitters and flutters

Like chosen items

Of pomegranates gems!

Your ‘mouthpiece’

Is a masterpiece!


The rose thorn

I am the Rose thorn

Close to one’s scorn!

Have I committed a sin

For my piercing pin?


My angelic off-shoot

I like the flowery ‘fruit’

From bottom of root

Through rose is one’s loot!


I love no ire

Like the lotus quagmire!

I have no jitters

As I’m above waters!


Friends I have none

Bar the Vedantic one

The yogic gun

And the poetic Pun!


Vedantin compares hedge

To the razor’s edge

The Upanishadic lesson

For people to learn!


The yogi goes further,

Squats on my stretcher!

To prove the concept

Of example and precept!


Poet goes farthest

Penning universe best

About my thorn worst

Praising my sharp crest!


Thanks to the Trinity

They are my divinity!

They all have humility

And Advaitic unity!


Your property I protect

And thieves I detect

Florists come to collect

Onlookers don’t see my defect!


Prahlada was a thorn

For his father each morn!

Thorns prevent excess

They ensure success!


God gives me a duty

To create a rose beauty!

Quagmire creates the lotus

And that is our hiatus!


The cobra needs me

To cast off its foil

Man meditates on me

To cast off his coil!


Serpent power in man

Wakes not with a kick!

To reach lotus clan,

He needs my prick!


Diamond cuts diamond

Poison cures poison

I’m always in demand

As thorn removes thorn!


Anatomy of anger

Enlightened one!

Anger kills men;

Conquest of ire

Bales them out of fire!

Flame is cause of all,

Man’s rise or fall!


Whoever subdues anger

Verily is bound to prosper!

For one unable to zoom

Ire spells the doom!


The irritable one

Is a veritable sinner!

Sans introspection,

‘Speaks’ many a dagger

Even to one’s preceptor!


For one knows not

Distinctions between

Wrong and right

That have been

Seen in sense of light!


The angry one

Has control none

Over vehicle of expression

There’s total suppression

Of the rhyme of reason!

Record it is of crime or treason

Of the tongue foul,

Unedifying to soul!


The angry one

May kill innocent men

And worship a criminal

To invite punishments capital!


Uncontrolled anger

Is cause of disaster;

Unable to ride or hide

May well commit suicide!


Knowing the defects

And evil effects,

Innate in irate frame,

Spewing fire and flame,

The learned precious

Eschew ire material,

Goals spiritual!


Do not think like the weak

The eschewers are meek!

Only the brave renounce

What they denounce

The anger accursed

They have conquered,

With difficulty great

Without a date!


Do you know

There’s no ‘tit’ for ‘tat’?

Against the angered one

Retaliation shall be none!


Both provoker and provoked

Are from fear mortal saved!

The one in tranquillity

Is doctor of divinity!


Reason shall rule the weak

And the irrational meek!

If the story enters fray,

The weak lose the ray

With self-defeating ire

To fire the quagmire!


The indiscriminate at length

Ignorant of enemy’s strength

Impelled by anger

Is overpowered by danger:

Of death like sheep

Slaughtered in a bleep!

Eluded by earth,

Rejected by heaven

Those, with a weak frame

Are themselves to blame


The present is dark for weak

And the future bleak!

Hence the weak at once

Must display indulgence!


The wise, be he strong,

Can never be wrong

In refusing to retaliate

Despite suffering from the irate!

Bliss he can enjoy

In exalted world ahoy!


The knowing one

Whether weak, strong or none,

Must pardon trouble-ranger

In times too of danger!


Know that the righteous

Adore the one conquering anger!

Who but the pardoning one beauteous

Is the real victor?


Exalted is expression truthful

Falsehood befits the banal!

Wickedness is behaviour bad

But kindness superlative fad!

So is attitude indulgent

Altitude of argument cogent!

Having banished anger,

Can any give it a harbour?

Anger is spurned by righteous

Harbouring it is unrighteous!


Who is a “Thejasavi?”

With positions topsy-turvy,

One in frame inner

Has room none for anger!


He is the one scholars think

Is the “Thejasvi” they link

With the philosophical lot,

The conqueror’s slot!


He is the one by circumspection,

When carried away by provocation,

Composes on own to befits scholars call

As indeed a “Thejasvi” tall!


Introspection is beyond the angry;

Things to come are outside armoury

Right and wrong seem quackdom,

Insensitive to words of wisdom!


The non-scholarly express

That anger is the Thejas!

The roar of Rajasic temper

Is war and world terminator!


The good should discard

The angry frame and post a placard!

Fortunate is the virtues,

Refusing to give up, the righteous!


Non-wicked one! The unwise

And the ignorant ones likewise

Violate norms of virtue and pardon

Should you follow their run?


If there were no men by chance

Sporting Bhu-devi’s tolerance

Would world be poorer for peace?

As anger can ruin the universe!


Whither result of anger

It can only spell danger!

If everyone reacts to wrath,

What will be the aftermath?


The world reels under pressure,

Of pollution and family fissure,

Chaotic with a wicked force,

Verily deleterious to world peace!


Envy principle of mercy

For compromise with the icy

And for mutual friendliness

Throw imbalance to wilderness!


Tyrant rulers of mercy bereft

Will spell doom to the rest!

If only to avoid ruin worst

Eschew anger for result best!


Whither world without the kind,

Those bereft of pardonable mind?

Birth and safety of living humanity

Sustained by the kind fraternity!


Quality of mercy give up not

In times terrific or bad lot

‘Tis the trait of excuse and pardon

That directs the life of wise one!


The learned and great are unstung

By comments of the strong

Or harassed but unprovoked piece

As an image of rock and peace!


Strong one resisting provocation

Prospers here and attains salvation!

One stung by anger, unable to smother,

Finds misery in this, and the other!


Quality of mercy

Kashyapa spells Mercy’s “marma”

Quality of mercy is man’s “dharma”

Displaying the attribute is “dharana”

Mercy personified is Vedic scripture

One knowing this rises to ancient culture!


Mercy is Brahman and verily the truth,

Foundation for future and present path,

In world’s operations aftermath !

Mercy is the root of moral fabric,

Indistinguishable from austerity Vedic!

Secrecy lies in earth’s tolerance

Of weight of anger and man’s existence!


The merciful get more than others,

The permanent abode of Brahman

Mercy is spiritual glow of strong masters!

For the Thejasvi, mercy Brahman

And for the faithful, truth is the one!

Pursuit of principle is sacrifice;

Mercy is essence of tolerance and peace!


Whatever in principle of pardon

Is installed truth and Brahman,

Sacrifice and the worlds all,

Can it be given up, whatever the fall?

One shouldn’t whatever the call!


Merciful should the scholar be

With eyes of pardon should he see!

With capacity to excuse humanity

He will visualize Ultimate Reality!


Like flames of fire, ire flares;

Who tames provocative fares?

Whoever does it joins the merciful

Creator Brahma’s world blissful!


Quality of mercy is dharma main

Reasons point to man’s domain!

Principles are for paragons of pardon,

By Kashyapa’s song and commendation!


Deeds are to be qualified by mercy

Needs merciful are rhymes we see

Quality maintained is the rhythm

Faithfully so did the rishis fathom!


PART –II – Vedantic rhymes

Invocation to Sree Dakshinamurthy

Let the thejasic keerthi

Known as Dakshinamurthy

Of teachings symbolic

In proclamations Vedic

And essence Vedantic

Stay in our say

To show the way!


Avidya and Maya

Two things there have been

Differently they mean:

The seer and the seen!

Onlooker is the Brahman

Object of sight is illusion,

That’s the Vedantic proclamation!


Due to Avidya phenomenon,

Brahman is camouflaged as Jeevan

And as Iswara due to Maya.

Atman transcends ignorance

Brahman beyond illusion

So does Vedanta envision


“Maya I’m not, nor its function

I am verily the Paramatman

The witnessing one!

Salvation to our dictates of times”

Says the Vedantic rhyme

If we know this illusion!


It isn’t correct to say

The five sheaths in illusion lay

Maya is no meaningless bay!

Knowledge scientific is Vedantic

And the witnessing Atman

Is verily the all-knowing Brahman!


Knowledge at the Self

Difficulty there’s none

In knowing the tenth person!

By the same token

All bottlenecks are broken

In knowing oneself as Brahmatman:

That’s the Vedantic proclamation!


Delightful it is for one

Who has know only nine

To know the tenth person!

Intensely happy and fine

For Jeevan to attain the Brahman,

Is the Vedantic proclamation!


Know that bodily covers nine

Are the nine persons in fine!

But unreal is the group of nine

So to silence settle down

For residual collective Atman

As per Vedantic proclamation!


The tenth defied His sign

To one knowing only the nine!

Distinct from objects likewise

Atman is not known by unwise

Hail freedom from bondage

Without fail, to Vedantic message!


The Atman and the form

Parabrahman, the Atman of all beings

Is the Atman of one who hears!

There’s difficulty none specific
According to proclamation Vedantic

In understanding having the last say!


Being a Sat-chit-ananda self

Atman is the Brahman itself!

So does Vedantic rhyme proclaim!

The knowledge of the claim

Lies in knowing the meanings

By mastery over Vedic teachings!


If knowledge of this isn’t cast

‘Tis as if life itself is lost!

For one who has known this too

Life Is fulfilment true!

For the knower, Atman is not far

Proclamation Vedantic places it on par!


Ah! There’s no further delusion

As clearly we fashion our vision:

“The Atman itself is the Brahman!”

Sruti’s drum beats banish our fears

Their resonant rhymes of bygone years

Are still reverberating in our ears!



Be it known there are two forms

‘Tis agreed to by all norms!

‘Samashti’ is collective macrocosm

‘Vyashti’ is individual microcosm

Collective lord is the Iswara-atman

Individual one is the Jeeva-atman!


Whither salvation without Iswara’s grace!

Will to attain flows from His rays!

Not by deeds with motives gainful

Nor by actions impelled by the painful

Rewards unexpected are boons to boost

Rhythm Vedantic rules the roost!


Karma, Upasana and Jnana

Know the duet of jnana and Karma

Jnana is product of intellectual dharma


Karmic action of the doer’s marma!

Know that ‘jnana’ is needed knowledge

Karma created, not salvation, but a wedge!

Rhythm jostles jnani to pass over razor’s edge!


Whither efforts of the experts

The scholars and scholarly excerpts

The learned and plethora of fetters?

Karmic approach futile brings fetters!

Berefit of Brahmajnana, they are nugatory,

Aloft is the rhyme of Vedantic territory!


Whither Karma’s place and Vedic structure?

‘Tis tool for purity mental and culture!

Upasana has a place and voice

That of achieving concentration and poise!

But Brahmajnana for reaching salvation

Is the rhythm of Vedantic proclamation!


Fire of knowledge burns piles of past,

Of karma and its future fast!

Ire of karma from incurable slot

Is consumable by living through the lot!

What isn’t curable is endurable,

Rhyming harshly with Vedantic rubble!


One in state of detachment constant

And pursuit of Atman as sole intent

Steadfast and to a complete extent

Profits neither by deeds righteous,

Loses not by actions unrighteous!

That’s the Vedic assertion virtues!


Whither possession of mere nomenclature?

Names lead not to salvation culture!

Whither pursuit of karma and upasana?

Nugatory is proposal bereft of jnana;

For light of salvation rhyme to dawn

Knowledge of the Brahman is sine qua non!


Piles of karma for pleasures worldly,

Or for hopeful enjoyments heavenly

End up in experiences harrowing!

Happiness elusive sires sorrowing.

Raving for Brahman shall be the rhyme

Replacing Karma with it the eternal rhythm!


Whither places of return after death?

Who are those that revisit the earth?

Fanatics of karma do come back

Dynamics of levity upasakas back!

Jnanis do not return to earthly tool

The rhythm reality of Vedantic rule!


There are indirect and unreal fruits!

Karma brings them by virtue of roots,

There are direct and realistic ones:

Jnana generates rewarding runs!

Vedantic rhythm justifies the rhyme,

Vedic proclamation validates the claim!


“Dvija” is the ‘twice-born’ called by merit

Of following functions by scriptures ruled,

“Vipra” is the one who fulfils the writ

By practice proper of Vedic lessons hailed!

“Brahmana” is the knower of Brahman verily:

Beat rhythmic is from blower of Vedantic verity!


Pancha Kosha and Pancha Bhuta

Whatever truth pervades bodily sheaths five

Pervades ether and the elemental hive!

Know that in the two, the impact is one

The nature pervasive is feature common!

For beholding them differently, there’s basis none

The rhythm in both follows proclaimed phenomenon!


Whatever quality is manifestly ingrained

In the sheaths like the body as ordained,

The pervasive one qualifies the elements too

Like the ether, to make the two true!

There’s no basis for difference in viewing them

This is the pattern proclaimed of Vedantic rhythm!


Whatever love is manifestly innate

In sheaths like the body so ornate,

The pervasive one is innate in elements too

Like the ether, to tie up truth in the two!

There’s no basis for beholding it differently

As rhythm of Vedantic rule runs concurrently!



Jeevan is in form of the Brahman!

Brahman manifests himself as Jeevan!

Know that the two make one entity;

Aspirants for salvation should discover identity!

And whoever, does attains the finality

As rhymes Vedantic proclaim this rhythmic unity!


Jeevan is to be viewed as Brahman

Parabrahman takes form of the Jeevan

Vedic proclamation requires this is to be known!

Vedanta wants that this test is won!

Knowledge there shall be the two are one

The knower holds the key to salvation!


Union Of Jeevan and Brahman

Difference there’s none in Jeeva-Brahma norms

Specially so in account of truth and forms!

The truth innate is the same in both

No distinctions can be drawn forth!

Of any discordant rhyme or reason

Know that Vedanta rules out the suggestion!


Difference there’s none in Jeeva-Brahma norms

Specially so account of quality and forms!

Truth innate is quality same in both

Distinctions none can be seen forth!

Vedanta rules out suggestions fair

That quality varies in the blessed pair!


Know that Brahman is the reality stark,

That Universe is far from reality mark!

Vedic proclamation puts Jeevan as Brahman,

Jeevanmukta as the knower of this, the superman,

One who has unfettered oneself from bondage!

From the shackles of corporeal appendage!


Power, Jnana and Love in Panchabhuta

Power is obvious in elements five

Like it is in either in elemental drive

Quality of element remains its domain;

Who is at the back of this power main?

It is the Parabrahman’s manifestation!

So it is according to Vedic proclamation.


Jnana is obvious in elements five

Like it is in ether in elemental drive

Quality of element remains its domain;

Who is at the back of this jnana fine?

It is the Parabrahman’s manifestation!

So it is according to Vedic proclamation.


Congeniality is obvious in elements five

Like it is in ether in elemental drive

Quality of element remains its domain;

Who is at the back of this congenial vein?

It is the Parabrahman’s manifestations!

So it is according to Vedic proclamation.


Difference there’s none in Jeeva-Brahma norms

Specially so on account of love and forms

Love is indeed the quality same in both

Distinctions none can be seen forth!

Love in Jeevan, that in Brahman rhyme together!

Rhythm of their hearts-beats have common tether!


Difference there’s none in Jeeva-Brahma norms

Specially so on account of names and forms!

Unreal is the form and the name

Real are Brahman and Jeevan and their fame!

Rhythm in both no discordant rhyme reveals

Fathom Vedantic proclamations for same levels!


Names and forms aren’t one in fine

Subject to segregation, they lose identity line!

Know that none will have name and form

Norms are in tune with proclamations warm!

No harm done by viewing name and form

Differently as the two have no common arm!


Difference there’s none in Jeevan-Brahman norms

Specially so on account of Pinda, Brahmanda forms

Unreal is the difference between body and universe

Vyashti is the individual insignia in verse

Samashti the collective but not diverse connotation

As the two are but one in Vedantic proclamation!



Consciousness of the Universe itself,

The jnani withdraws into himself,

His self is the Parabrahman’s seat,

Singing praise of Advaita-atman’s beat,

The Atman bereft of a second,

As by Vedantic lore beckoned!


Subject the Universe to critical test,

To direct creative wonder best,

Indirect dissolution, forces of reverse,

Cogent ones with factors perverse

What remains is the splendour of truth,

The tattva proclaimed as Vedantic fruit!



Two things there are in creation:

Jnathru and Jneya in juxtaposition!

One of them sheds light divine,

The other reflects it with pain!

Jnathru is the Brahman, Jneya the universe

This is the essence of Vedantic verse!


Two things there are in creative age:

One gives the self burden of bondage

The other freedom from appendage!

Ajnana puts fetters bereft of bastion,

While jnana brings about liberation!

This is the rhyme of Vedic proclamation.


Two things there are in the world

One that should be intently heard

The other that shouldn’t be heard!

One producing happiness, the other not:

Only Brahman to be heard, the other not a jot!

So rules the rhythm of Vedantic fiat!


Two things the world has bought:

One is singular food for thought,

The other is to be sought not!

One brings relaxation from tension

The other runs one down to exhaustion

Rhyme of thought should be on Parabrahman!


Two things there are for mediation:

One that should be mediated upon,

The other banished to ‘anon!”

Mediation to be on Brahman alone

For deviation, one should atone!

Bereft of Brahman, there’s everything to bemoan!


Unreal are cycles of human life

With full many a streak of strife!

Fleeting is happiness, suddenly turned!

The reason why is should be spurned!

Bone of contention is Brahman’s grace

Vedantic rhyme gives it pride of place!


Pursuits fruitless, words perfunctory,

Arguments not in truthful territory,

Ambitions not exalted but ordinary

Out of one’s life, should be thrown

As only Brahman has to be known

And this is the Vedantic proclamation!


Principles pursued is the Parabrahman!

With form it is the paramount one

Without it the primordial one!

Possessed of qualities, the principle prime,

Bereft of them, it is the one supreme

And this is voice Vedantic on cosmic rhythm!


Need for Brahma Jnana

Practitioner of yoga, the yogi,

Pursuer of pleasures, the bhogi,

Renouncer of world, the thyagi,

All have a benefit in common:

Jnana doubtless leads to salvation

Let jnana rise, says Vedic proclamation!


Easy path Of Brahma Jnana

Beyond defects of camouflaged covers,

Seekers understand hidden powers!

Beyond outer phenomena visible

They comprehend Brahman invincible:

The nature of transcendent principle!

A feature rhythmic of Vedantic ripple!


Bliss from Brahma Jnana

Beneath the pursuit of perpetual pleasure

There is happiness little to be sure!

Troubles incidental are a tremendous run,

But bliss in store is the infinite one

For one immersed in thoughts of the Brahman,

Proclaims the Vedantic rhyme for man!


Money and lender of money, children and wife

Honey of house and brothers are robbers of life!

Happiness without doubt is story brief,

Plunging man into permanent grief!

Bliss from Brahmajana is the sure line

So proclaims the Vedantic rhyme in fine!


From dawn to dusk or rise to sleep

Amidst wandering and work-load heap

Constant should be thoughts of Brahman, deep!

From womb to tomb or cradle to grave,

Death is factor nearest to the brave,

So sounds the rhythm of Vedantic wave!


Seeking refuge in Brahman self-reliant

Free from factors external and defiant

Transcending need for material sort

To bend wavering mind on Brahman’s sport

Tantamounts to reaching all and sundry support,

So says the Voice of Vedanta Vehement.


Brahmajnani’s fulfilment

What remains there to be known

According to Vedantic proclamation

After knowing Sat-chit Ananda,

The bliss of beam called Brahmananda,

As all names aud forms are false?


There’s happiness in the thought run

That there is nothing to be done

Or there is nothing to be known

Bar that everything is Brahman!

In blissful state can stay one

According to Vedantic proclamation!


Whither jnani or others by karma bound

Each tethered by it all round

By force inexorable, karma individual?

Jnani knows factor perpetual

In consonance with Vedantic rhyme

And happily spends his time!


What does the jnani really care

In not laying his scholarship bare

Or even in falling from it unaware?

None at him can any stare,

As truly as per Vedantic proclamation

He has known everything is Paramatman!


Can Karma touch Inner vision bower

Or unreal form of camouflaged cover?

It cannot voice power of Vedic writ

Or touch sanctorum’s moving spirit.

This answer is a negative certainty

As sanctum sanctorum is supreme purity!


The resonance of resounding rhymes

The reverberating voice of Vedic times

The rhythmic beat of Vedantic drum

The mystic pauses of hymn and hum

Haunt opponents with spells of intimidation

But grace rhymes with Dakshinamurthy’s rendition!


Brahman real Universe real

Jagrat, swapna and sushupti are the trinity,

of avasthas influencing till eternity

The three-fold state constitutes playground

For Leelas of Lord all the year round!

That for which the avasthas make the platform

The Vedas declare it is verily the Brahman!


That which doesn’t in the beginning exist

That which doesn’t in the end persist

But manifests in the middle isn’t real!

Vedanta proclaims Universe to be unreal;

Like Brahman, it isn’t bereft of beginning

Nor is it devoid of an ending!


That which exists at the beginning

That which is devoid of an ending

That which manifests not as mere middling

Is the solitary One,the Ultimate Reality,

And it is according to Vedantic verity

The Brahaman bereft of brevity!


Possessed of name is the Universe

Its form points to reality in reverse!

Nothing constant is in world’s verse

Like changing concepts of intimacy!

Vedantic rhymes assert this primacy!


The wise have their vision of the world

To them it looks by magic to be curled!

Vedantic rhymes want it to be unfurled

Verily the world has name and form none

As deeper look reveals this one

So asserts the Vedantic proclamation!


Sadhana for salvation

Two tenets of philosophy there are

Dvaita and Advaita seemingly at war!

Broad spectrum is the Dvaitic school

Subtle stream is the Advaitic rule.
According to Vedantic proclamation

Advaitic path leads to salvation!


Disabilities to be destroyed are six;

Hunger and thirst put us in fix

Sorrow and possessiveness in a mix

Ageing or death is one that kicks!

Attachment and attitudes must give way for Brahman

As by knowing It there is salvation!


Conquering enemies like ire and desire

Classifying sheaths like prana of fire

Possessing and practising sadhanas four

Like commonsense and renunciation to the fore

Restraint and salvation start to pour

Form Jeeva-Brahma unity to Advaitic entity!


Make sure the body you are not

Ensure you aren’t possessed of bodily pot

But you are witness to body’s blot!

Benefits there will be from realization

Bereft of birth and death denomination,

Blows the trumpet of Vedantic proclamation!


Reasoning that of prana you aren’t a bit

That you are the God witnessing it

Realization of this to wit

Helps you to have hunger and thirst cut!

A shot in the arm this will put

According to light of Vedantic merit!


Reasoning that you aren’t the mind

That you are the witness to its wind

Realization helps you to find

The vanishing point of sorrow

The banishing turn for possessive row

According to writing on Vedantic brow!


Reasoning that you aren’t the intellect

But the God who is its witness

Will help you to recollect

You aren’t really the doer

And the felling of emptiness

According to merit of Vedantic pellet!


Reasoning that you aren’t Ignorance

But God Witnessing its dark stance;

Will help you to banish misfortune

As ignorance affects all fortune!

Reasoning is at the bottom of banishment

According to essence of Vedantic argument!


Introspection and self-examination

That you are the witnessing Almighty

Will help you to attain liberation

Acquire scholarship and learning mighty.

Realization of this vital distinction

Is in tune with Vedantic proclamation!


Realization you aren’t maya or illusion

Nor even its function

But the witnessing Paramatman

Will arm you with a clout

And help to attain salvation beyond doubt

The way flowers of Vedantic verity sprout!


Liberation lies in Unified vision

Of perceiving Jeevan and Brahman as one

Bondage lies in perceiving duality

Non-differentiation shows Ultimate Reality

This is the essence of philosophies all

And quintessence of Vedantic tattva tall!


Attachment to name and nomenclature

And to outside forms and outer stature

Constitutes samsara or bondage

Display of unified vision

In Sat-chit-ananda state is liberation

According to Vedantic proclamation!


Possession of mere religious patronage,
Verbal pretences of Vedantic adage

Or of embellishments external

Bereft of Atmajnana internal

Will never lead one to salvation!

This is the basic Vedantic proclamation


Everything is Brahman of Sat-chit-ananda state

In everything does Brahman rest

As Brahmic influence is in every nest

And so does It in every form manifest!

Effect isn’t divorced for function

Brahman Is the all-pervasive phenomenon

So declares the Vedantic proclamation!


Truth, manifestation and the harmony

The happy three in existence elemental

Are things obvious and Universal;

Vividly the Brahmic hand in all of honey

Everything is filled with Brahman

So says the Vedantic proclamation!


Things like the pot and wall

Are in fact made of mud after all!

The mud in many is the denominator

Brahman in all the common factor

The all-pervading feature basic

According to proclamation Vedic!


In reality and form there’s none

In everything seen in creation!

Manifestations all in Sat-chit-ananda form!

Whither duality in this state of bliss

And where is bondage to envision amiss?

That’s question mark of Vedanta one can’t miss!


Sans soul!

The street bull

Nods it head and horn double

To man’s call in trouble

In approbation!


The domestic dog

Sees no frantic fog

Wags its tail as if in joys

To his Master’s voice


The wild cat

In fear throws its “hat”

And pounces on prey

Or runs away!


The reptile royal

Of the charmer’s pet loyal

And its species take offence

In self-defence!


The scorpion stings

With God-given gift it brings

If too close to bodily periphery

In its tiny territory!


But whither man,

Member of unprovoked clan,

An enigma of Creation, a soul-less “van”,

With his inhumanity to man!


Flowery process

I am born with Creation

As flowery manifestation!

Creation itself a flowery process

But men covet things they don’t possess!


After the Big Bang I came

Like many a beautiful dame!

Till the world withers away

I don’t mean to fade away!


During existence of world

Fantasia of my petals is unfurled

To spread fragrance across barriers

And help all spiritual warriors!


I adorn the human heart

As specimen of Tantric art!

And it is in me that God stays

As prime mover of means and ways!


Maanasa Devi

Prostrations to Devi Maanasa!

Conglomeration of attributes of rasa

Rasa-vilasini and the star performer

Bless me with the residuum of vilasa!


Resplendent like million suns

Indulgent and kind in tons

Innovative in entertainment run

Bless me with the modicum of fun!


Purity personified and transparent

Brevity is the soul of time spent

Levity is your divine body great

Bless me with ray of the pendant!


All men descend from mental wind

Like all mortals, I’m creature of mind!

You are the danseuse of Brahmic kind

Bless me with Brahmic thoughts in mind!



Hail Arunachaleswara!

Gayathri’s innate Iswara!

In civilization effete,

Saviour is your lotus feet!


Hail Arunachala lord!

Have pity on your ward

For the innocuous inanities

And harmful vanities!


Hail mountainous marvel!

Bereft of your grace

How can we stay well

And chase your rays?


Hail manifestation supreme!

Cast your sunny beam

On sinners lest they forget you

On saints as they remember you!


Voice of Veena

Hail Saraswathi!

The voice musical of Veena!

Its prana,

The live wire in wiry instrument

Inanimate though its firmament!


Hail Saraswathi!

Pervade its body beautiful

To make resonances plentiful

The blissful notes divine

Are invoked in fine!


Hail Ssrawathi!

Consort of Nada Brahman!

This prayer is from the Jeevan:

Let’s bathe together in the reverberations

Of Vedic vibrations!


Hail Saraswathi!

Yours is a music lesson in creativity,

For Atman-Brahman identity!

Come out of Veena hence,

And just once!


 Third Eye

Here in the world we rest

Sun can’t rise in the west!

And in the darkest phase of crescent

Who can chase the moon’s descent?


In-built in the physical frame

Adorning the face of fame

Is the pair of eyes,

Naked ones that can’t “cut ice”!


The pair can see things visible,

But visible ones lasting like bubble!

Bubbles of material are transitory!

Human eyes see not beyond territory!


Dual tracks of sun and moon

Are in microcosm, to many unknown!

Between eyebrows their paths lie

The vibrant spot of Third Eye!


The third eye isn’t visible

But can behold the invisible

Sublimation of energy vital

Envisions Providence pivotal



One sought after by many

Is the miser’s eternal mate

The jingling fetish of money

To seal their spiritual fate!


The ruse in many a marvel

The cause for all the battles

In and out of courts as well

Despite pleas of the peace prattle!


Money is mnemonic coin

Honey if you like to join

Knowing brings success material

And bliss spiritual!


‘M’ stands for the master!

Mahans like Seshadri to move us faster!


‘O’ for Omnipotent grace

And the invisible rays!


‘N’ is abbreviation for negativity

To avarice frowned by Reality!


‘E’ for doctrine of equality

So that have-nots have equanimity!


‘Y’ yells at material indigestion

As yearning should be for liberation!


Shuka Brahma Rishi

In Vasishta’s exalted line

With Shakti’s successful sign

As Parashara’s grand-son

And Vyasa’s son

Was Shuka born,

As a model of perfection

Ever in Brahman

Oblivious of surroundings

But aware of Creator’s doings,

Pervading the elements five

And to their secrets alive,

Present in all particles of Universe

Praised by Universe in verse

Lyric and music

Poetry and prose

Worshipped in all the three worlds

In inimitable ways and words

As a Purusha supreme

Renunciate extreme


As a Jeevanmukta

And a champion of bhakta

A paragon of purity

Radiating peace and piety

As an amsa of Arunachaleswara,

The jyotir-lingeswara,

As kind as Mahan Seshadri

Whose samadhi adorns the foot of ‘Adri’

And as subtle as Ahalya

Fiery as Draupadi,

Unearthly like earthly Seeta,

Effulgent like Tara

Manifestly great like Mandodari

All of whom are stayers

In quick response to prayers!


Tenth person

Of planets numbering nine

We wake up to our world in fine!


‘Persons’ planetary to monitor

Need the Tenth as Creator!


Pervading objects of creation

Is verily the maker Brahman!


Similar is the world of potter

As he indeed is the creator!


He needs things nine in all

To complete his pottery haul!


Elements make up the five-some lot

Earthly materials to winsome pot!


Potter’s wheel is a desideratum

Like the Kaala-chakra ad infinitum!


A stick he needs or moving band

Like the Creator’s magic wand!


Armed he is with a cutter

Platform pots get a separator!


Potter’s mind is an essentiality

Intention to indulge in creativity!



Man-tra is like the money coin

Manana and Praana in harmony join!


Manana of mantra is the first

Mental repetition is a must!


Praana of mantra is culture

Energy imparted by its nurture!


A magic is mantra of six letters

Key it is to remove fetters!


Fetters are the family bondages

And the physical appendages!


Mantra is the means to liberation

If it comes from Guru’s initiation!


Repeat Seshan’s bewitching name

That sums up theory of “residual” fame!


Guru’s grace gives material lift

And glory of spiritual uplift!


Mantra is sound body of deity

Achieve visible form with piety!



Sadguru Shankara!

Lord Arunachaleswara!

Mahan Seshadri, giver of kshipra-vara!

Whither link between Iha and para?

Para is world of towering height

And Iha of burdensome weight

Bereft of cosmic rhythm, Vedantic rhyme

This world is tottering in sinful crime!

For those with feet of clay

What does your Peak say?

Do they have a chance

Or do matters mince?

Before they are made a mincemeat

In this conglomeration tumultuous

Combination of circumstances fortuitous


Of humanity

Deficient in divinity,

Their problem is like a jumbo

O Mahadeva Shambho!

What will you do with them?

Allow them to suffer in shame?

They hold on to your support

For the heavenly rapport!

And if they fail

On whom will the infamy be

It’s anybody’s guess

If they miss the bus!


Rhythm of Antyakshari

The moon I am,

Mild and cool;

Lovers’ sweet home

Enter my pool!


Lady here of the Lake!

Excalibur her brand,

Divinity its power

Rises to the bower!


Royal welcome my sign

Never dull but divine

Exciting to ghouls

Satisfying to souls!


Sound of music for break

Kindred spirit I take!

Envision the fiesta

And regale in siesta!


Nights brighter here

Earthly reflections galore

Enthusiasts to hear!
Rare chance to soar!


Reduce weight in my

Cute for body look

Kingly feeling unbought

Typical of the astronaught!


Tale of jewel-free Shiva

And bejeweled Shakti!

I occupy their crown

Nothing but to adorn


Reminders are to you!

Under my command too.

On my plan as a fillip

Pearls I give for pilgrims!


Soul of Antyakshari Devi!

Innate Iswari you are,

Ever the grace shall be

Extending to near and far!


Recurring Antyaksharis reveal

Last-out first-in letter!

Royal game to revel

Lilting lyric for the better!


Part III

Aurora of arunachala

From the bosom of the mountain,

Shrine of greatest sanctity

A million sun-rays rise like fountain

To bless all humanity!


Like Arunadari’s rising rays,

A literary ray came to being

By Mahan Seshadri’s grace

To bathe all with His blessing!


Vignettes of Vedanta

As treasure-house of knowledge

Necessary for success of life

Stands the lore of Vedic edge

For liberation from strife


Great rishis of Vedic Age

Explained Vedantic quintessence

To promote all to level of sage

In Vignettes to show the essence!


Prayers of Pen

Body is the pen

And Prayers the soul

Like the Big Ben

May it sing howl!


My body is blue

The pen says

Like rare baby too

But sheds its rays!


Draupadi in Distress

Draupadi, born of fire

Had Distress to the fore

Only to suppress her ire

Against the Gang of Four!


But with what result?

She cursed none

But the agony of tumult

Destroyed tormentors one by one!



 To Peace-maker

Salutations! Seshadri Mahan!

Sans your efforts for peace

Whither this world and man?

None would live to see the piece!


To Protector

Salutations to Arunachaleswara!

Protector of the Universe

As you stay in it as Innate Iswara

There’s peace, poetry and verse!


To Janardhana

Hail! Maha Vishnu as Janardhana!

In Arunachala, the secret dweller you are

Sadhakas carry on their sadhana

But Let your grace reach all near and far!


To Shankara

O Sadguru Shankara!

Here’s my humble salutation!

Giver of many a “Vara”

I cherish by prostration!


To Seshadri

O Sadguru Seshadri!

This flower is in dedication

Give me shadow of Arunadri

As I offer my prostration!

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