Siva Gita – Chapter 5 – The Bestowal of Boon to Rama – Slokas 1 – Slokas 38, Uttara Khanda, Padma Purana

Sūta Maharshi uvācha, “Then, a magnificent chariot made of gold appeared sending manifold rays of the precious gems to the very end of every direction and part of the universe.


The four large wheels of the chariot were besmeared with the slush of the Gautami River, was bedecked with the sparkling pearl garlands and covered by a hundred white canopies.


Finest thoroughbred steeds were yoked to the chariot whose hoofs of pure gold added their brilliance to this grand sight. The chariot had a dazzling canopy of pearls. Its brilliant standard with the emblem of a bull was flying high on it.


Accompanied by elephants looking resplendent by the five elements and their presiding deities and adorned with garlands of flowers that blossomed in the Parijata trees.


Musk secreted in the navel of the musk deer permeated the air, the swarm of bees attracted by the heady aroma of the incense of sandalwood and camphor and groups of Kinnaras with their various musical instruments and melodies of the lute and flute filled the air like a tumult of the clouds at the time of the deluge.


Thus, Shankara got down from the bull after creating this chariot of silken magnificence and entered along with Mother.


The blue-throated and tawny haired Shiva was pleased with the wafting of the white chowrie by the lotus-eyed divine damsels and the pleasant breeze of the fans.


All the three worlds were filled with the tinkling sounds of the bracelets, with the tintinnabulation of the beautiful anklets and the beautiful melodies of the lute and the flute.


All the three worlds were filled with the sweet chirping of the parrots and the callings of the white doves. The peacocks on the very sight of the snakes adorning Lord Shiva danced in ecstasy exhibiting the numerous eyes of their trains.


Lord Shiva whose flag is marked by the bull lifted the prostrating Rama with a delighted heart and brought the divine chariot.


Lord Shiva sipped water from the water jug and offered the same pure water to Rama and made him sip it with relish and sit on His lap.


Then, the Lord gave Rama a divine bow, an inexhaustible quiver and then the divine arrow called Pāsupata.


And then Lord Shiva who dons the moon on His crest said thus to Rama, “O King! This arrow is searing and fearsome and will destroy the world.


There is no resistance to this arrow once released in all the three worlds. Hence, it should not be used in an insignificant war.


Therefore, O Rama! It should be used only if and when there is imminent danger to life. If it were released otherwise, it will prove to be the end of the world.”


After imparting the instructions in the use of His arrow, the Supreme Lord called the foremost of the gods and the guardians of the directions and distributed weapons to each of them. The Lord pleased said thus, “This Rama will kill Ravana with these divine arrows. I have given the boon to Ravana that he cannot be killed by gods.


Therefore, when all of you take the form of monkeys and are full of enthusiasm for war, these divine weapons will assist you. You will be safe and secure by that.”


Accepting His command, all of them bowed in humility with folded palms praising the Supreme Lord and offered prostrations at the Lotus Feet of Shambhu who gave them their respective weapons with pleasure.


The arrow named Narayana was given by Lord Vishnu, the sworn enemy of the daityas, Aindram by Lord Indra, Brahmadanda by Lord Brahma and Agneya by Lord Agni.


Yama Dharmaraja gave Yāmyam, Nirrti gave Mohastram, Varuna gave Vārunam and Vayu gave Vāyavīyam.


Lord Surya gave the arrow named Sauram, Lord Chandra gave Saumyam, Ishana gave Raudram, Visvedevas gave Pāvakam and the Vasus gave Vāsavam.


Then, Rama, son of Raja Dasaratha pleased and thankful prostrated before Lord Shiva and with folded palms and in all humility prayed to the Lord with devotion.


Prabhu Shri Rama uvācha, “O Lord! The expansive saline sea is unfordable by any human being. The fort city known as Lanka is impregnable by gods and danavas.


The rakshasas who live there in crores are extremely strong and each and every one of them is devoted to the study of his preferred scriptural text and all of them are devotees of Lord Shiva and have subdued their senses.


They are in possession of manifold illusory knowledge and powers, are very intelligent and perform the agni hotra daily. How can they be conquered by a single person like me or my brother in battle?”


Ishwara uvācha, “Hey Rama! There need not be any question about killing Ravana or the destruction of the rakshasas. The time for his end has come.


O Rama of virtuous observances and vows! They have set themselves on the path of unrighteousness and are harming the Brahmanas and the gods. Hence, the significant shortening of their lifespan and welfare is imminent.


You will kill Ravana who has insulted Sita, the Queen of Ayodhya. It is easy to conquer an enemy who has committed many sins in battle.


It is indeed a piece of good fortune to secure an enemy who is committed to sin and sinning. Even if one has mastered the Vedas and all the scriptural and philosophical treatises and even if one is committed to the practice of virtue and honour, he will swerve from the right path when the time of his destruction has arrived.


The destruction of the cruel and sinner is a foregone conclusion when all the gods, Brahmanas and sages are constantly harassed.


O Rama! In the city of Kishkindha, there are a great number of monkeys who have been born with aspects of the gods, are invincible and eminently powerful.


They will assist you. Build a bridge across the sea with them. Let the monkeys march across the bridge built with myriad rocks. Bring back your beloved Sita by killing Ravana along with his tribe.


Where victory can be achieved with ordinary weapons, you shall not use the divine weapons. You will not aim your arrows at those who do not possess divine arrows, at those who are insufficiently armed and at those who want to leave the battlefield. If one aims these divine weapons at these people, then he himself will perish.


Whatever will be, will be and hence, what is the point of this extensive talk? This world has been created by Me only, it is constantly protected by Me only and will be dissolved by Me only.


I alone am the Non-Dual Reality and the destructor of the world. O King! I am also the destroyer of Death. I alone am this whole world comprising of animate and inanimate beings and am only responsible for the dissolution of this world.


All the rakshasas have already gathered for war in readiness and fervour in Me even before you have started the war. Be an instrument only. You will attain fame in the war.”


[Siva Gita – Chapter 5 – The Bestowal of Boon to Rama – Slokas 1 – Slokas 38, Uttara Khanda, Padma Purana]

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