Aranya Parva – Chapter 10 – Maitreya Maharshi curses Duryodhana

Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “O Wise Sage! Whatever you say, is right. I also think this is right and my courtiers and people think the same.


O Sage! You also think that is best which is in the interest and advancement of the Kuru vamsa. O Sage! This same thing has been said to me by Vidura, Bheeshma and Dronacharya.


If you have any mercy on me and on the Kauvaras, then please educate my evil son Duryodhana.”


Vyāsa uvācha, “O King! See Maitreya Maharshi is approaching us. He has just met with all the five Pandavas and has come to meet us now.


Maharaja! This great Maharshi only can educate your son Duryodhana to maintain peace in the family.


O scion of the Kurus! Do exactly as Maitreya Maharshi tells you. If there is any hesitation or reluctance or defiance shown in obeying him, then he will definitely get angry and curse your son.”


Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! Saying that Vyāsa Maharshi left just as Maitreya Maharshi entered. Raja Dhrutharashtra along with his son welcomed him with all the honour due to him.


Pādyaarghya and other items were used to worship him and after Maitreya Maharshi had his rest, then the son of Ambika, Raja Dhrutharashtra asked him softly, ”


Bhagawan! Has your visit to the Kurudesha been happy and satisfactory? Are the brave Pancha Pandavas in good spirits?


Does the eldest Pandava want to remain firm on his vow? Is it possible for limitless brotherhood to exist between the Kauravas?”


Maitreya Maharshi uvācha, “Hey king! I accidently ventured into Kurudesha on my pilgrimage. I met Dharmaraja Yudhishtira in Kāmyakavana.


O king! Many sages have assembled there to have a glimpse of Mahātma Dharmaraja Yudhishtira who is with matted hair and dressed in deer skin residing in the forest.


Maharaja! I have also heard there that your sons’ wisdom and intelligence has been severely flawed. They gave in to the injustice of the game of dice and a great fearful burden fell upon them in the form of the game of dice.


On hearing this, I came to see the spirit of the Kauravas. Hey king! My love and affection upon you is always there.


Maharaja! This is not in the best interest of all that your son opposes the Pandavas when you and Bheeshma are still around.


Maharaja! You are more than capable like a pillar of controlling and curbing them; then, why are indifferent to the great injustice that is being created?


O scion of the Kurus! The behaviour like that of robbers that has been displayed in your court is the reason why you are no longer respected in the assembly of tapasvis and sages.”


Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! Then, Bhagawan Maitreya Maharshi turned towards Raja Duryodhana and said the following in a sweet tone.


Maitreya Maharshi uvācha, “O valorous Duryodhana! You are the best among speakers; listen to my words. Mahābhāga! I am telling you what is in your interest.


Hey king! Do not be spiteful towards the Pandavas. Hey best among kings! Always act and put the interest of yourself, the Pandavas, the Kuru vamsa and the entire universe first.


The Pandavas are the best among men and all of them are brave, gallant and fierce fighters. All of them possess the strength of 10,000 elephants. Their bodies are like thunderbolts.


All of them abide by the Truth and are confident about their fortitude. They only killed the tormentor of the Devas, Hidamba who took on any form he liked and other rakshasas and Kirmira born in the lineage of a rakshasa.


When the wise Pandavas were travelling in the night on leaving from here, Kirmira took on a fearsome form and stood like a mountain blocking their path. Bhimasena, foremost among the warriors who enjoys a good battle picked up the rakshasa effortlessly and killed him like an animal just like how a tiger will kill a baby deer. Hey king! See, at the time of the coronation of Dharmaraja Yudhishtira, Bheemasena  killed the mighty archer, Raja Jarasandha in battle in whom the strength of ten thousand elephants exists. It should be kept in mind that Bhagawan Krishna, son of Vasudeva is their relative and all of Drupad’s sons are their brothers-in-law.


How can a person bound to old age and death face the Pandavas in the battlefield? O scion of the Bharatas! It is necessary for you to maintain peace with such gallant warriors like the Pandavas.


Hey king! Listen to my words; do not get bound by anger.”


Vaishampayana uvācha, “Hey king! When Maitreya Maharshi was speaking, Duryodhana smiled and knocked his hand on his thigh likened to the trunk of the elephant and started scrapping the floor with his feet.


That foolish fellow did not answer Maitreya Maharshi. He kept his mouth down and stood silently. Hey king! Maitreya Maharshi noticed that Duryodhana was unwilling to listen and was scrapping the floor with his feet. Seeing this, anger erupted within him. Then, that great Maitreya Maharshi became outraged.


He decided to curse Duryodhana in accordance with the Will of the Creator. Then, Maitreya Maharshi whose eyes had turned red with anger took a sip of water and cursed the evil minded son of Dhrutharashtra,


“Duryodhana! You wish to disrespect me and not listen to my words; therefore, you enjoy the fruits of this arrogance right away. A great war will break out because of your deceit, in which the strong Bheemasena will break your thigh with the strike of his mace”


On hearing these words, Maharaja Dhrutharashtra immediately wished to please Maitreya Maharshi and said “Bhagawan! Please don’t say that!”


Maitreya Maharshi uvācha, “Hey king! When your son reconciles with the Pandavas and agrees to peace, then this curse will not work. But if he behaves opposite to this, then he will surely have to face this curse.”


Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! Then Maharaja Dhrutharashtra wished to know the unusual strength of Bheemasena and asked Maitreya Maharshi, “O Sage! How did Bheema kill Kirmira?”


Maitreya Maharshi uvācha, “Hey king! Your son does not want to listen to my words, hence, I will not say anything more to you at this time. Vidura will tell you everything after I leave.”


Vaishampayana uvācha, “Hey king! Saying thus, Maitreya Maharshi left in the same manner he came. On hearing the news of the killing of Kirmira, even Duryodhana became anxious and went outside.”

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