An Introduction to “Jugglery of the Universe”

From Human Bondage to Ultimate Liberation …

The mystery of creation, purpose of existence and existence itself is a journey of Self-realization.

There have been many paths propagated to know, understand and experience the Truth.

This book is a question and answer session between the authors to understand the “Jugglery of the Universe“.


How the scientists have failed to interpret correctly the origins of the Universe and especially the cosmological theories.

How the scientists have consistently refused to understand or realize the nexus between man and the Universe.

How the generality of the human community has consequently failed to know the secrets of genesis in general and of the individual in particular.

How the Law of Nature has been constantly flouted from time to time, from days of immemorial antiquity.

How the inviolable rules and principles of a primordial nature have been broken with impunity.

How the rebellion against inviolability has brought within its wake, untold sorrow to mankind.

How the scourge of continuing crime and continuation of departure from the golden rule has placed destiny of humanity now in serious jeopardy.

How unless there is a systematic attempt to bring about a synthesis between science and religion, it is neither possible to cure the ills of mankind nor bolster up the coefficient of happiness and prosperity.

How it is possible still to give a clarion call to slumbering humanity.

How it is equally possible to give a wake-up call, to man’s blundering perplexity.

How in fact it is eminently possible to raise the status of an ordinary man in abysmal ignorance to the level of a superman, indistinguishable from that of the supreme creator of the universe.

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