• What is meant by Time?

Literally “Time” is indicative of limitless continuation of progress of existence and events taking place in past-present-and-future of existence with all three regarded as a whole. It is in effect the measurement or record of happenings during certain seconds, minutes, hours, years and so on. It is also the consideration of the movements of a period. Time as such is one which brings out the reality of existence over a measurable time.

In Atharva Veda, “Time” gets the symbolic and figurative nomenclature of a “moving horse!”

In short, “Time” can be defined decorously as a moving phenomenon! A speeding entity!!


  • Who invented Time?

Time took its birth with the beginnings of creation of the universe itself. The Supreme Creator credited with the authorship of whole universe created Time to reckon the starting point of the first movement of the universe.

In other words, the Creator says, in Atharva Vedic terminology that He has installed both the universe and contents thereof in the sanctity of Time.


  • How is Time relevant in our place/position in the universe?

In the light of installation of everything and everybody in the sanctity of Time, we have to understand that we are all bound by the factor of Time and its powerful influence! The scriptures proclaim “Kālāya Thasmai Namaha!” suggesting the need to offer prostration to the Supreme deity presiding over time viz., the Kāla Devata. Ruled by time, man’s birth, existence and death are all time-honored matters of universal phenomena.


  • Is there an entity that exists beyond time?

Yes! There is! The Supreme Creator himself is the One beyond Time! For example, in Lalitha Sahasranama, the Supreme Goddess looked upon as the Creator of the universe is given the respectful entity of being a “Kālathētha” – as one beyond ‘Time’. Since in our scriptures, it is the unified force of Shiva-Shakti principle that engendered the universe and universal time, the said Supreme principle of Shiva-Shakti exists beyond Time as a transcendental phenomenon worthy of the first and foremost worship. “Kāla-Samhāra-Murthy” is the title given to the same Shiva-Shakti principle as the entity endowed with the powers of destruction or obliteration of time and hence rightly deemed to exist beyond Time.


  • Are “space travel” and “time travel” the same?

Space travel conception is related to the measurement of time taken of space travelers or travelling vehicles from one celestial phenomenal point to another. However, “time travel!” should be taken to mean the very effluxion of time measured through movements of celestial bodies themselves! The concepts are quite different. For example, our Earth rotates on its axis and completes a full circle once in 24 hours. It covers the whole of its equatorial circumference of 22000 miles in 24 hours, a speed of over 900 miles per hour. If a traveler’s plane (or any vehicle) has to keep pace with the speed of earthly rotation, it has to fly at the speed of over 900 miles per hour! Time travels despite absence of travelers!


  • How and why are the human beings bound by the factor of Time?

It is the will of the Creator not only to dominate all movements within the universe under His Supreme control but all living beings in the universe under His absolute control. While the planets in the solar system and the sun itself exert influence on the beings through the time factor, all living beings have no option but to submit themselves to the powerful influence of time vis-à-vis planetary and solar movements. It is here that the role of astrology comes into play. The beings are supposed to conduct themselves in a particular acceptable fashion consistent with Creator’s natural law, rules, and principles i.e., commensurate with the dictates of His code!


  • Are the parameters of measurements of time different in each plane of the universe?

Yes! They are! Measurements of time on a planet vis-à-vis the Sun depend upon diurnal differences; the hours required for a planet to complete one axial rotation gives the length of day and night thereon. Measurement of time on a certain celestial plane depends upon the location of the plane and dimensions thereof.

In the highest of lokas, time movement is very slow, compared to the corresponding fleeting moments on Earth. Describing the vast difference in time-space-distance relationships in the tow of the these lokas, Skanda Puranam says that half minute of time in the uppermost of the lokas is equal to crores of years of time here! “Nimishārda-mātrena, Samvatsara Kotyaha!”


  • Does a parallel universe exist? If so, what is the definition of time there?

The parallel universe does exist and time must be anti-clockwise! The parallel universe is the anti-universe. If a particle has its positive and negative or anti-particle, it follows that there must be an anti-matter and anti-universe. Particles of a positive and ‘anti’ nature with diametrically opposite spinning technique get destroyed when they collide with each other. Similarly, positive and anti-matter do get decimated. This sort of creation in the universe with both matter and anti-matter belts will help the Creator in quick dissolution of the whole Universe, when time runs out for the universe to exist as a whole!


  • Does time have a vanishing point or death?

When the universe itself is dissolved at the will of the Creator, there will be nothing or no reason to employ the time factor; there will be nothing to reckon. Time vanishes with vanishing point of universal dissolution. But re-creation of the entire universe, with all its inner planes, structures and embellishments, takes place after a gap of (approximately) 400 Earthly years – according to Puranic authorities. During this period of interregnum, time can be said to be in a state of suspended animation as it comes into play again with the emergence of new cycle after what may well be called an “arrest of time!” It would not be wrong to say that time “dies” with the “death” of the Universe!


  • Can time be compared to ripples of water?

“Ripples of water” is a poetic tribute we can give to time because despite the W-A-F-E-R thin constituent unit of time moving in gigantic clouds and giant oceanic waters, the underlying characteristic feature is the inexorable element of movement!

Hence we can use the words W-A-F-E-R as a mnemonic to describe the music of movement! Here it is:-

Watery ripples.

Airy swirls.

Fiery sparks.

Ethereal sounds and

Rivulet sands of time!


  • What is meant by time of Death and time of Birth?

Life has its beginning and end in living beings known to all here on Earth. The time of death is the precise moment of the migration of “Life-force” or the principle of Godhood from human body; such a principle stays in our heart (as its prime mover) as “prāna devata”. Since the life-force or prāna devata is destined to stay in there for a specified period of time, it is also called “Kāla devata”. The time of commencement of “Kāla devata’s” sojourn in any being is called “time of birth”; and when it goes out of such a being (or body) the moment of departure is reckoned as the “time of death”.


  • How are the Gods of Time conceived?

If “God of Time” is understood as Kāla devata, the Supreme Creator of time pervading the whole universe and each of the individuals, is indeed the stupendous One who creates other Gods for appointments as protectors of the whole Universe and its wheels of time. Such postings of Gods are referred to sloka 28 of Soundarya Lahari of Adi Shankara. These appointed Gods (created by Supreme) although possessed of enormous supernatural powers did not have a modicum of entity when they were created and likewise do not leave behind any such entity when their time of existence comes to an end losing their entire identity.  In the case of the human individual, it is the body which withers away but the innate principle of Godhood is not destroyed!


  • How does Time prompt a particular reaction/response/action from a being?

It is Time that determines a nature of action or reaction in every living being. Time prompts responses from individuals through the powerful impact of solar planetary movements. The influence of such solar, lunar, planetary entities depends upon the nature and time of a being ushered into existence on Earth. The moment of the being’s birth (or rebirth) is in turn determined by the cumulative impact of the being’s past actions or how rightly or wrongly he exercises his free will in the previous sojourns or cycles of life of such a one! By bringing a being back to life again on Earth, the Gods, enjoined by the Supreme Creator to follow the code of Ethics, bring retributive justice to different beings depending on their individual lot!


  • How can one overcome influence and bondage of Time?

Since Time is a creation of the Supreme Creator and since all living beings are creatures of time bound by the bondage of time through adherence or failure to adhere to the Code of Ethics resulting in one’s trials and tribulations, there is only one way left over to such a being to overcome the influence and bondage, namely, to follow the Code strictly and offering prayers to the Creator of Time (Kāla Devata) – who transcends Time – for relief and rehabilitation. A preceptor or Guru’s help is necessary here.


  • How does one remain timeless? What is the definition of that state?

One can stay in a state of timelessness by being deeply involved in prayers to and contemplation of or meditation on the very Creator of Time and One who transcends such time. The Creator moves a staunch and true devotee of God of Time (Creator) from a moving (less divine) universal plane to a non-moving (more intensely divine) territorial plane. This exercise on that part of the devotee calls for intense purity and sincerity. All activities on this part on the plane of time should be dedicated to the achievement of the place on the plane of timelessness. The state of reality on the latter is posterior to the cessation of all mental and physical activities. The state of the being in timelessness is one of bliss. This is the blissful state of the Supreme Creator from who all beings emerged and this is the Supreme state that all beings should strive to attain.


  • Why make it required to create “Time”?

The object of creation being the creation of a moving world full of the spell of illusion is for the Creator to see with pleasure of seeing whether the people who have been ushered into existence will realize the Atman (the Supreme Creator within) – whether they will make an effort to know the source of their origin and reach the very source of their origin; whether they attain Godhood and reach the Lotus Feet of God they came from!

If only people know the sanctity of Time (they are in) they will transcend the territorial limits of Time and realize the ultimate reality of existence called the Creator who is the timeless reality.


  • For what reason did Bhrigu Maharshi reveal the Kāla Suktam?

Maha Vishnu is the ruler of Time and universe besides being the protector of the universal subjects under the influence of Time. Bhrigu being a “amsam” of Vishnu, created the Kāla Suktam in order to help people caught in the web of time to realize the timeless world of reality. Kāla Suktam helps one to transcend Time.

Time indicated by movement is the creation of Shiva-Shakti. The moving universe is controlled by Time whose grace is necessary to reach the times upper world.

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