Absorption in the Self – Chapter – 14

Shishya asks, “O Perfect Being! I surrender myself at Your Golden Lotus Feet and beg You to help me. Please tell me how am I to offer thanks to the Supreme Self.”


Guru replies, “Dear child, as Aksharam is the seed for the self-luminous akshara, and the self-luminous akshara is the seed for all creation i.e., more self-luminous aksharas and their expanded creation and differentials of nature and the myriad forms and shapes of created beingsall actions and inactions, words, thoughts, speech, fruits of actions and inactions are within this created universe and thereby owe its creation to the self-luminous akshara.


Hence, it has been said that the Supreme Self is the Sole Doer, the Sole Witness, the Sole Enjoyer and the Sole Beneficiary. The real question is who is offering thanks to whom? And who is grateful to whom? Is the self-luminous akshara which is the Self grateful to the Supreme Self? Or is the “body” which is the manifested state of the self-luminous akshara grateful to the Supreme Self? Or is the unmanifest state of the self-luminous akshara grateful to the Supreme Self?


The answer is that there is only one Supreme Self though its forms appear myriad. When the created being offers thanks and shows gratitude, in reality it is the Supreme Self offering thanks to Itself. Isn’t it confounding?


Child, Truth is absolute and the Absolute is the Supreme Self. It is difficult to express and hence, needs to be perceived, understood, realized, known and experienced. Hence, the premise of every action, inaction, word, thought, speech and fruits of the actions and inactions is the natural and spontaneous feeling which comes from within and inherent in each and every created being of Self-Surrender.


The natural and spontaneous perception and feeling of Self-Surrender will dictate the created being to show gratitude and offer thanks to the Supreme Self every second thus, leading him to become immersed and absorbed into the Supreme Self.”

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