True end and aim of human life

While the benefits of a Jeevanmukta’s life to the world cannot be precisely described, so far as the Jeevanmukta himself is concerned, it is not only an ample demonstration of the highest attainment but also of a living example to seekers and sadhakas in particular and others in general of the true end and aim of life. However glorious a life may be on the material, religious or spiritual plane, the highest and most laudable goal of the human being is the attainment of this absolute goal of Jeevanmukti.  The seven crores of mantras of which only a few in the Vedic lore are now within our reach (the rest having become extinct) the philosophy contained in the Upanishads, the epics and millions of great books of all time point to this one fundamental aspiration.  All talking, writing and human deed or action must be dedicated to this ultimate goal.  For example, even poetry of the laudable type must bring about a linkage between the human being and the divine goal.  No wonder Sri Seshadri Swamigal said in his cryptic comment that “a poem is a bridge between man and God.”

The true end and aim of human life is therefore to discover the Supreme Light within – what Jyoti Ramalingaswamy calls, “Arut Perun-Jyoti”.  The universe is made of five elements, namely, matter, water, fire, air and ether.  So is the human physical frame! Gods are made up of the fiery element alone.  The fiery or thejasic portion in human beings is less. The moment the thejasic element in a being overshadows or engulfs other elements by the time-honoured methods of sadhana leading to vivid God experience, the state of Jeevanmukti descends on the sadhaka.  Thereafter, the Gods take care of his needs till the moment of Videhamukti.  After attainment of Jeevanmuktittva, there is nothing else to be achieved.  At the time of Videhamukti, the physical body of the Jeevanmukta may fall, but his immortal spirit continues for ever, as a Divine instrument.

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