Benefits of Jeevanmuktittva

From the moment of instant rise of Pratibha Shakti in the person following Sakshatkara or vivid God-experience the jeevan’s state of Jeevanmukti starts; the golden chapter of the sublime life dedicated to humanitarian service and protection of the world goes on till the moment of Videha-kaivalya when the mortal or corporeal appendage withers away. The Jeevan is a completely liberated soul.  While the Jeevanmuktas dedicate their life to the upliftment of the devoted ones, the fall of their physical frame does not militate against the continuation of universal service.  In fact they do it in a more profound way and the most illustrious case in point is that of Brahmi-bhuta Sadguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal of Thiruvannamalai who, after attainment of Brahma Samadhi in 1929 has been a source of indescribable and immeasurable succour to many in all corners of the globe.  From His exalted throne of Videha-Kaivalya and Parama-pada, he has been blessing millions of devotees in distress constantly.

The moment a Jeevan attains the state of Jeevanmukti, he will be conscious of the following Yogic powers:-

  • Pratyutpannamathi or Super-human powers of intuition.
  • Atma-Prachodana or vivid manifestation of the inner Voice, the identification with the Brahman, who as Atman in ordinary Jeevans, remains only a witness (Saakshibhuta) to deeds – as an unmanifest reality.
  • Kala-jnana or astute of knowledge of time in all its three phases, namely, past, present and future. The Vedic seers and Rishis who have authored the glorious Palm leaf astrological works and the Sadgurus and highly evolved souls who can measure time with precision and exactitude are the illustrious examples of kaala-jnanis.  Omniscient knowledge with reference to time, place and distance is part of the armoury of a Jeevanmukta.
  • Atma-Shanti or Inner peace is a characteristic feature of all great ones. Note the quality of peacefulness attributed in the dhyana slokas of the following:
    (a) Sri Seshadri Swamigal: “Karunaasagaram shaantaam”
    (b) Sri Viswamitra: “Kumadvati-patim shaantam”
    (c) Sri Kandeepa Rishi: “Shaantam daantam thapasvinam”
    (d) Sri Kubera devata: “Brahma-datta varam shaantam”
    (e) Sri Bharadwaja: “Bharadwajam mahaashaantam”
    (f) Sri Shuka Brahma Rishi: “Jeevanmuktam sadaa-shaantam”

This list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. If an exhaustive list is prepared, the number of the great names becomes countless.

  • Lokopakaaram or sustenance of the universe is the greatest benefit emerging from a Jeevanmukta. There may be a numberless catalogue of benefits but it is sufficient to say that a Jeevanmukta, in addition to endowing himself with freedom from bondage and assuring himself of eventual liberation (Videha-kaivalya) radiates peace and protection to one and all.

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