Quality of mercy

Yudhishtira continued his sermon to Draupadi:


Kashyapa spells out Mercy’s “marma”

Quality of mercy is man’s “dharma”

Displaying the attribute is “dharana”

Mercy personified is Vedic scripture

One knowing this rises to ancient culture!


Mercy is Brahman and verily the truth,

Foundation for future and present path,

In world’s operations aftermath!

Mercy is the root of moral fabric,

Indistinguishable from austerity Vedic!

Secrecy lies in earth’s tolerance

Of weight of anger and man’s existence!


The merciful get more than others,

The permanent abode of Brahman

Mercy is spiritual glow of strong masters!

For the Thejasvi, mercy is Brahman

And for the faithful, truth is the one!

Pursuit of principle is sacrifice;

Mercy is essence of tolerance and peace!


Whatever in principle of pardon

Is installed truth and Brahman,

Sacrifice and the worlds all,

Can it be given up, whatever the fall?

One shouldn’t, whatever the call!


Merciful should the scholar be

With eyes of pardon should he see!

With capacity to excuse humanity

He will visualize Ultimate Reality


Like flames of fire, ire flares;

Who tames provocative fares?

Whoever does it joins the merciful

Creator Brahma’s world blissful!


Quality of mercy is dharma main

Reasons point  to man’s domain!

Principles are for paragons of pardon,

By Kashyapa’s song and commendation!


(Deeds are to be qualified by mercy

Needs merciful are rhymes we see

Quality maintained is the rhythm

Faithfully so did the Rishis fathom!)


Epilogue on quality of Mercy

“Draupadi!” Yudhishtira sought to conclude Kashyapa’s song on the quality of mercy. “You should now be in a mood to feel contented about what Kashyapa Maharshi has said about the merits of mercy.  Do not yield place for temperamental traits. My grand-father Bhishma, the son of Shantanu has been constantly practicing the doctrine of exoneration. Sri Krishna, Devaki’s son, Dronacharya, Vidura, Kripa and Sanjaya have all been of the considered opinion that the quality of mercy is an exalted virtue. So is the opinion of Vyasa, Aswathama, Somadatta and Yuyutsu. And Dhrutharashtra having listened to their wise counsels, I have been prompted to hope that the king will restore our kingdom to us peacefully. Draupadi, if on the other hand, he rejects their words of wisdom and advice and fall a prey to the lures of avarice, you can take his destructive end is a foregone conclusion. The descendants of Bharata will reap a harvest of misfortune. This has occurred to my mind long ago.  Duryodhana is certainly ineligible to possess “Kshamaa” (Mercy) to adorn him. I am eligible to rule the land and for this reason alone, the quality of mercy possesses me:.

“Kalyani!” said Yudhishtira in his concluding comments to Draupadi, “This is verily the path of Atma-jnanis. Possession of the quality of mercy is the primordial tenet of dharma. I shall therefore stay in principle as a follower and a protagonist of mercy and kindness.”

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