Anatomy of anger

Yudhishtira Uvaacha:

“Enlightened one!

Anger kills men:

Conquest of ire

Bales them out of fire!

Flame is cause of all

Men’s rise or fall!


Whoever subdues anger

Verily is bound to prosper!

For one unable to zoom

Ire spells the doom!


The irritable one

In a veritable sinner!

Sans Introspection,

‘Speaks’ many a dagger

Even to one’s preceptor!


For one knows not

Distinction between

Wrong and right

That have been

Seen in sense of light!


The angry one

Has control none

Over vehicle of expression

There’s total suppression

Of the rhyme of reason!

Record it is of crime or treason

Of the tongue foul,

Unedifying to soul!


The angry one

May kill innocent men

And worship a criminal

To invite punishment capital!


Uncontrolled anger

Is cause of disaster:

Unable to ride or hide

May well commit suicide!


Knowing the defects

And evil effects,

Innate in irate frame,

Spewing fire and flame,

The learned precious

Eschew ire vicious

And pursue material,

Goals spiritual!


Do  not think like the weak

The eschewers are meek!

Only the brave renounce

What they denounce.

The anger accursed

They have conquered,

With difficulty great

Without a date!


Do you know

There’s no ‘tit’ for ‘tat’?

Against the angered one

Retaliation shall be none!


Both provoker and provoked

Are from fear mortal saved!

The one in tranquility

Is doctor of divinity!


Reason shall rule the weak

And the irrational meek!

If the story enters fray,

The weak lose the ray

With self-defeating ire

To fire the quagmire!


The indiscriminate at length

Ignorant of enemy’s strength

Impelled by anger

Is overpowered by danger:

Of death like sheep

Slaughtered in a bleep!

Eluded the earth,

Rejected by heaven

Those with a weak frame

Are themselves to blame!


The present is dark for weak

And the future bleak!

Hence the weak  at once

Must display indulgence!


The wise, be he strong

Can never be wrong

In refusing to retaliate

Despite suffering from the irate!

Bliss he can enjoy

In exalted world ahoy!


The knowing one

Whether weak,  strong or none,

Must pardon trouble-ranger

In times too of danger!


Know that the righteous

Adore the one conquering anger!

Who but the pardoning one beauteous

Is the real victor?


Exalted is expression truthful

Falsehood befits the banal!

Wickedness is behaviour bad

But kindness superlative fad!

So is attitude indulgent

Altitude of argument cogent!

Having banished anger,

Can any give it a harbour?

Anger is spurned by righteous

Harboring it is unrighteous!


Who is a “Thejasvi?”

With positions topsy-turvy,

One in frame inner

Has room none for anger!


He is the one scholars think

Is the “Thejasvi” they link

With the philosophical lot,

The conqueror’s slot!


He is the one by circumspection,

When carried away by provocation,

Composes on own to befit scholars’ call

As indeed a “Thejasvi” tall!


Introspection is beyond the angry:

Things to come are outside armoury

Right and wrong seem quackdom,

Insensitive to words of wisdom!


The non-scholarly express

That anger is the Thejas!

The roar of Rajasic temper

Is war and world terminator!


The good should discard

The angry frame and post a placard!

Fortunate is the virtuous,

Refusing to give up the righteous!


Non-wicked one!  The unwise

And the ignorant ones likewise

Violate norms of virtue and pardon

Should you follow their run?


If there were no men by chance

Sporting Bhu-devi’s tolerance

Would world be poorer for peace?

As anger can ruin the universe!


Whither result of anger

It can only spell danger!

If everyone reacts to wrath,

What will be the aftermath?


The world reels under pressure,

Of pollution and family fissure

Chaotic with a wicked force!

Verily deleterious to world peace!



Envy principle of  mercy

For compromises with the key

And for mutual friendliness

Throw imbalance to wilderness!


Tyrant rulers of mercy bereft

Will spell doom to the rest!

If only to avoid ruin worst

Eschew anger for result best!


Whither world without the kind!

Those bereft of pardonable mind?

Birth and safety of living humanity!

Sustained by the kind fraternity!


Quality of mercy give up not

In times terrific or bad lot

“Tis the trait of excuse and pardon

That directs the life of wise one!


The learned and great are unstung

By comments of the strong

Or harassed but unprovoked piece

As an image of rock and peace!


Strong one resisting provocation

Prospers here and attains salvation!

One stung by anger, unable to smother,

Finds misery in this, and the other!

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