Vibheeshana meets Sita

The moment Vibheeshana saw Sita Devi in Ashoka Vana, he brought his hands together above his head to show his innate reverence to the great dame.

“Daughter of the King of Videha!” he said to her with characteristic humility and submission. “Auspicious forebodings to you! Kindly have a bath and with all the royal adornments, get the royal carriage. Your husband wants to see you”.

“Lord of rakshasas! I intend meeting my husband without a bath” said Sita in response to Vibheeshana’s request.

“Mother!” said Vibheeshana, “It would be appropriate to act according to your husband’s direction.”

There was no vacillation in Sita’s mind as she had looked upon her husband as divinity personified. She had grown thejasic with devotion to Rama. As a true and faithful spouse, she said she would act accordingly.

After the refreshing bath and smear of scents, the bejeweled beauty in royal attire got into the decorated royal carriage surrounded by the security of rakshasis and led by Vibheeshana. The entourage reached Sri Rama’s place.

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