Sri Rama accepts Sita

After Sita emerged more effulgent then ever before from the raging fire along with Agni, in accordance with the wishes of all including Brahma and Agni, Sri Rama accepted Sita and won the encomium of all those who had assembled there as it was a very courageous move on his part to allow Sita to prove her mettle, innocence and purity, to dispel doubts and suspicions and silence critics.


Valmiki says:

“Sametya Ramaha

priyayaa mahaabalaha,

Sukham sukhaarha

anubahoova Raghavaha (Sar. 118; Sl: 22)


The reputed Raghava, who was well merited to have happiness, took the divine  symbol of womanhood and harbinger of sacred things Sita and achieved bliss.

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