Maheshwara praises Rama

“Etat-srutwaa shubham vaakyam


Tataha shubhataram vaakyam

vyaajahaara Mahesawaraha (Sar. 119; Sl: 1)


Valmiki records that Maheswara, pleased by what Sri Rama said on the suspicious occasion, spelt out words of divine blessing:


“Pushkaraaksha! Mahaabaahu! Vishaalavaksha! Paramtapa! Great among dharmaatmas!” said Maheswara, “you have achieved the unique task of inflicting death to Ravana by virtue of great fortune. The fear complex and distress in the universe, caused by Ravana, like the descent of darkness, you have dispelled by dispatch of Ravana to the other world in a battle that proved the symbol of your strength. Great warrior! Pacify the sorrowing Bharata and meet the reputed Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra Devi (Lakshmana’s mother). Then take over the imperial administration of Ayodhya and bring happiness to the pure-hearted. Install your family in the Ikshwaaku dynasty by promoting growth of your family and by Ashwamedha yaaga, that brings you fame of an exalted nature. Give away gifts liberally to those whose mind is in the Brahman – before taking leave of this world to get back to your heavenly abode. Yonder there is Dasharata your father seated in the Vamana (plane). During his earthly existence, he was your famous guru. He had been to Indra’s domain by virtue of fulfillment of your tasks as a true son. He is keen on meeting you and he has proceeded by Vimaana to this place for the very purpose. Proceed with Lakshmana and offer prostration to your father.”

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