Yudhishtira’s message for each and every important member of the Kauravas – Chapter 31 – Slokas 1 – 23

Yudhishtira said, “Sanjaya! The Creator keeps one and all be it ascetic-immoral, child-old and weak-healthy in ITS control.


IT is only every being’s dictator/controller and bestows various types of fruits based on the karma of the previous births of the being. IT only can make a foolish one a scholar and a scholar a dullard.


If either Duryodhana or Dhrutharashtra ask about my strength and my army, then please inform them accurately. Upon being pleased to hear my news, they can consult each other and definitely perform their duty appropriately.


“Sanjaya! Please go to the court of the mighty Dhrutharashtra and offer pranaams from my side and catch both his feet and make enquiries of his health and well-being.


Thereafter, please say the following to King Dhrutharashtra who is surrounded by all the Kauravas  – “O King! The Pandavas are living out a comfortable and happy life because of your competence and might.


O King who is the destroyer of enemies! When we were children, we received the kingdom because of your compassion and mercy. After crowning us, now please do not harbour the aspiration/ambition to see us destroyed before yourself.


Sanjaya! Please also tell him this – “O Wise One! It is not as if all of this kingdom is adequate for one only. Let us all live together and live out our lives in comfort and peace and I beg you not to think contrary to this and be deluded by the enemies.”


Similarly, please pay obeisance to the grandsire of Bharatavamsha, Bheeshma, son of Shantanu on my behalf and after taking my name please offer pranaams bowing your head and thereafter, please say the following to our Pithamaha – “O Grandsire! You have restored/revitalized the drowning legacy of Shantanu. Now, yet again please contemplate on the strength of your own mental acumen and perform such an act that all your grandchildren can mutually live out their lives in love and affection again.”


Likewise, Sanjaya! Please say the following to the minister of the Kauravas namely Vidura – “Soumya! Please advise them against going to war because you have Yudhishtira’s best interests.”


Thereafter, please repeatedly implore King Duryodhana who is bursting with indignation and passion seated in the sabha of the Kauravas saying thus –


“You brought Draupadi into the sabha when she had committed no sin and subjected her to humiliation and insult and we have tolerated that sorrow in silence because we do not want to be forced to kill the Kauravas.


Likewise even though the Pandavas are extraordinarily strong, we have tolerated all the trials and tribulations and grief given by you previously as well as later on and that is well-known to all the Kauravas.


Soumya! You have made us wear deer-skin and reside in the forest and we have tolerated that grief and discomfort as well because we do not want to kill the Kauravas.


With your permission, Dusshaasana dragged Draupadi by her hair ignoring Mother Kunti’s pleas and we have also ignored that sin for the same reason.


Paramtapah! But now we will definitely take our legitimate and appropriate portion. King of Kings! Do not allow your intelligence to be overcome by greed and lust of others wealth.


O King! In this manner, there can always be mutual peace, love and affection between us all. We want peace and reconciliation and you can give us only a portion of the kingdom.


Avisthala, Vrikasthala, Mākandhi, Vāranāvat and any other village as the fifth can be given by you. The idea of war will end with this.


Suyodhana! Please give us five brothers five villages.” O Wise Sanjaya! With this there will be peace and reconciliation with all the family members.”


Brother should meet brother and father should meet son. The  warriors of Panchāladesha should meet the warriors of the Kauravas smilingly.


It is my wish that I see both the Kauravas and the Panchālas unhurt. O Wise One! Duryodhana, O Foremost of Bharata! Attempt towards us all being happy and becoming peaceful.


Sanjaya! I am competent in maintaining peace as well as fighting in a war. I am decidedly knowledgeable in matters of both dharma and artha. I can be gentle and compassionate depending on the time and circumstances as well as merciless.


[Sanjaya-yāna Parva – Yudhishtira’s message for each and every important member of the Kauravas – Chapter 31 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 1 – 23]

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