Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya conveys Arjuna’s message – Chapter 48 – Slokas 1 – 109

Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “Sanjaya! I ask you in the midst of all these kings what message has been sent to us by the large-hearted generous/saintly Arjuna who has been at the helm of many battles and who brings about the ruin of miscreants?”


Sanjaya uvācha, “Hey King! I will now convey what the saintly Arjuna said with the permission of Yudhishtira which Bhagawan Shree Krishna also listened to for Duryodhana to hear.


The resolute brave Arjuna who is well-aware of his mighty strength wearing a crown and eager for the war destined came near Bhagawan Shree Krishna and said the following to me – ‘Sanjaya! Convey all that I have said in a manner that they all will listen carefully; Tell that scoundrel of vitriolic speech Sutaputra Karna, who goes into the cheek of time, the dullard and extremely foolish who is always boasting about doing battle with me as well as all the other kings who have been called to fight the Pandavas and King Duryodhana, son of Dhrutharashtra along with the ministers in the assembly of Kauravas.’


Like how all the devathas are eager to listen to the words of Indra who wields the thunderbolt, similarly all the persons in this assembly are surely listening to the forceful/strong words of self-assured Pandava Arjuna as said by me.


It appeared at that time that Arjuna who wields the Gāndiva was raring for a war. His lotus eyes had become red. He said thus – ‘If Duryodhana does not leave the kingdom of Ajameedakulanandan Maharaja Yudhishtira, then definitely the sons of Dhrutharashtra will have to experience the fruit of some sin committed in the previous birth that appears to have manifested.


Then there will be a war against Bheemasena, Arjuna, Nakula-Sahadeva, Bhagawan Shree Krishna, Satyaki who is equipped with astra-shastra (knowledge of weapons), Dhrishtadyumna, Shikhandi as well as Maharaja Yudhishtira who is as radiant as Indra and even the contemplation of this undesirable war can reduce earth and heavenly worlds to ashes.


If Duryodhana wants the Kauravas to fight against all these brave warriors, then it is alright as all the wishes of the Pandavas will be realized. Do not attempt to reconcile or give half of the kingdom only to gain advantage of the Pandavas. If you deem the situation to be appropriate, then you tell him – ‘Duryodhana! You descend only in the battlefield.


For the bed of misery that Dharmātmā Pandunandan Yudhishtira slept on in the forest while exiled, Duryodhana should lose his life and receive the last bed of death that is far more miserable and disastrous/catastrophic.


It is advisable that the scoundrel Duryodhana who has behaved in an unjust manner should sway the Pandavas through modesty, jnāna (knowledge), tapasya (austerity), control over the sensory organs, chivalry, protection of dharma and other virtues as well as wealth.


Our Maharaja Yudhishtira is endowed with all these virtues of humility/modesty, simplicity, tapah (austerity), control over the sensory organs, protection of dharma and vigour/force. Despite bearing many different trials and tribulations for so many days, He always speaks the truth and has been tolerating the duplicitous/deceitful behaviour and words of the Kauravas.


When the first born Pandava, Yudhishtira who keeps his mind pure and sedate becomes agitated, then at that time the extremely fearsome anger that he has suppressed for many years will be unleashed upon the Kauravas and a ghastly war will be fought and Duryodhana will regret on seeing that.


Just like how the flaming fire in ghreeshma rithu (summer season) blazes in all directions and reduces all the grass and forest to ashes, similarly Yudhishtira who has become red in the face with anger will burn out Duryodhana’s army with a single glance.


At the moment when Duryodhana who is seated on the chariot holding the mace sees the indignant Pandunandan Bheemasena travelling at a frightening speed with poison in the form of anger spewing out, then he will have to repent greatly thinking about the result of the war.


When Bheemasena wearing the armour while decimating the warriors in the enemy’s side moves ahead of his army in great swiftness unobserved by his side and slaughters the enemy’s army like Yamaraja, then at that time the extremely arrogant Duryodhana will remember my words.


When Bheemasena will tear off the trunks of the enormous elephants who appear in the form of the mountains with a blow of the mace and make them fall to their deaths and the pitchers of blood are seen pouring out and streams of blood are oozing out from their heads, then seeing this sight Duryodhana will repent very dearly for being the reason for provoking this war.


When Bheemasena of fearsome form takes the mace in his hand and infiltrates your army going near the sons of Dhrutharashtra and slaughters them in the same manner as how a majestic lion invades a herd of cows and pounces on them rendering them helpless, then Duryodhana will regret this war.


One who remains fearless even when faced with great fear, one who has received the education of astra shastra (knowledge of the scriptures) in depth, one who tramples upon the army of the enemy in the battlefield is the valorous Bheemasena only who when once seated on the chariot will send innumerable multitude of chariots and foot soldiers to the pier of death with the blow of the mace and like how one captures very big snakes using the noose and like dead calves will drag them with strength and will slaughter the army of Duroydhana like one who is chopping down a forest with an axe and at that time the son of  Dhrutharashtra will think to himself and repent that I have committed a very big mistake by provoking them to a war.


When Duryodhana sees that all the other sons of Dhrutharashtra are burnt by the fire of anger of Bheemasena just like how all the huts made of grass in a village catches fire and gets reduced to ashes, thinks that his immense battalion has been burnt by the fire of the bolt of lightning and has been ruined like a ripe field, that all the principal warriors have been killed, that the soldiers have turned their backs, that all have become overcome with fear and have run away from the battleground, that all the warriors have lost their courage and nerve and everything has been swallowed/consumed by the fire of the astra shastra (knowledge of weapons) of Bheemasena, then at that time he will regret this war deeply.


When Nakula who is exemplary among those who rides the chariot and who has a brilliant/remarkable style while fighting wields the sword in his right hand and cuts off the heads of your soldiers and piles them up on the ground and commences to send all those warriors who are riding the chariots to Yamaloka, then at that time Duryodhana, son of Dhrutharashtra will become tormented with grief/anguish thinking about the outcome of the war.


The courageous Nakula who is worthy of experiencing happiness/pleasures has slept on the bed of misfortune for a very long time in the forests and when he remembers this, he will become overcome with anger and like a venomous snake will spew out poison and at that time, Duryodhana, son of Dhrutharashtra will regret provoking for a war.


Sanjaya! When all those kings of earth who have been called to fight by Dharmaraja Yudhishtira who are ready to lay down their lives for him are mounted on their majestic chariots and charge upon the army of the Kauravas, then Duryodhana will be filled with remorse.


When the five valorous sons of Draupadi who are young boys in age but have received complete education in astra shastra (knowledge of the weapons) and display gallantry equal to that of young people and have let go the attachment to life assail the army of the Kauravas, then Kururaja Duryodhana seeing their state will regret greatly for committing the mistake of provoking for a war.


When Sahadeva seats himself on a favourable/well-disposed chariot as per his desire that has praiseworthy well-kept horses tied to it, which has wheels whose axle does not make even the slightest sound and moves like infinite wheels appearing like golden spheres/balls of thread cuts off the heads of the enemy kings through his multitude of arrows creating an atmosphere of great fear and when Sahadeva who is a highly skilled warrior stands firm on the battleground charges on the enemies attacking from all the sides sitting on the chariot, then Duryodhana, son of Dhrutharashtra after seeing that sight will think about the outcome of the war and surely repent.


When Duryodhana sees Sahadeva who is modest, proficient in the art of war, truthful, of mighty strength, endowed in dharma in entirety, swift and one who releases the arrows from the bow rapidly attacks Shakuni in this fierce war and begins slaughtering the soldiers of the enemy and sees Draupadi’s five sons who are great archers, valorous, accomplished in the art and knowledge of war and proficient in the art of fighting on a chariot attack like fearsome venomous snakes, then he will be filled with remorse for instigating a war.


Abhimanyu is equal to Sakshat Bhagawan Shree Krishna in valour and is proficient in the art of war and is competent to slaughter the warriors of the enemy. When he penetrates/enters the army of the enemy like thunder through a torrent/shower of arrows, then Duryodhana, son of Dhrutharashtra will be tormented by this war.


Whilst the son of Subadra is still a boy in age, his valour is equal to the young people. He is as powerful as Indra and is accomplished/adept in the art of war. When he attacks the army of the enemy like the ghastly time, then Duryodhana will be filled with remorse for starting a war.


When the valorous youthful leader of Prabhadraka who displays quickness in handling weapons and is a master in war likened to a lion along with his army chases the sons of Dhrutharashtra to their deaths, then Duryodhana will regret thinking why he instigated this war?


When the aged maharathi King Virat and Drupada along with their separate armies charge upon the enemy and their vision falls on the sons of Dhrutharashtra along with their soldiers, then Duryodhana will have to repent on thinking about the outcome of the war.


When King Drupada who is accomplished in the art of war becomes angry and sits on the chariot and singling them out cuts of the heads of the young people with the arrows released from his bow on the battleground, then Duryodhana will be filled with remorse over this war.


When King Virat who slaughters the warriors of the enemy penetrates inside the formation of the armies of the enemy along with the pleasing looking army of warriors of Matsyadesha in the battleground, then at that time Duryodhana will be tormented by desolation thinking about the conclusion of the war.


When Duryodhana sees Sveta, the first born son of King Virat who is of pleasing and exemplary disposition and is a Maharathi in the army of Matsyadesha dressed in full armour to fight for the interest of the Pandavas, then he will be troubled about the result of the war.


When the illustrious/eminent warrior of the Kuruvamsha, Bheeshma, son of Shantanu who is the jewel crest of righteousness/saintliness is killed by the hand of Shikhandi in the war, then at that time our enemies Kauravas will never be able to bear our speed/swiftness, I speak the truth and there is no doubt in this.


When Shikhandi is protected in his chariot with sufficient means singles out those on the chariots slaughtering them and tramples upon the assembly of chariots that are drawn by beautiful horses attacking Bheeshma who is seated on the chariot, then Duryodhana will be filled with great remorse for instigating a war.


When Dhrishtadyumna who has received the hidden secrets of astravidya (knowledge and art of war) from the supremely intelligent Acharya Drona appears in the front of army of warriors of Srunjayvamshi, then Duryodhana will be extremely tormented on seeing this.


When Dhrishtadyumna, the commander of the army who is of immeasurable strength and competent to face the enemies runs over the sons of Dhrutharashtra through his arrows and attacks Acharya Drona, then Duryodhana will repent greatly thinking about the conclusion of the war.


Dhrishtadyumna, the prominent warrior of Somakvamsha is modest/unassuming, robust/powerful, intelligent, high-minded and endowed with heroic grace/glory. Similarly, the valorous warrior Satyaki of Vrushnivamsa who is likened to a lion and is a leader/forerunner possesses speed that can never be borne by enemies.


You tell this also to Duryodhana that he should not desire to enjoy the kingdom by being alive. We have chosen the help of the grandchild of Shini namely Satyaki in this war who is an unequalled warrior, supremely powerful, fearless and proficient in the knowledge and art of war seated on a chariot.


The grandchild of Shini, Maharathi Satyaki wields a bow that has a length of four arms. His chest is wide and arms are big. He is an unparalleled warrior and will churn out the enemies in war. He possesses knowledge of superlative weapons. He is fearless and extremely accomplished in the knowledge and art of war.


When on my request, Satyaki who is the eminent grandchild of Shini and destroyer of enemies charges on the enemy like thunder and slaughters many principal warriors through a shower/torrent of arrows, then Duryodhana will be filled with remorse.


When the enemies face the noble-minded long-armed Satyaki who wields the unbending/obdurate bow, who is eager for war and remains firm on the battleground, then they will immediately run away like how cows run helter-skelter when they smell a lion.


Satyaki who is immeasurably armed, an unbending archer, adept in war and having alacrity of elephants and accomplished in the knowledge and utilization of weapons can tear mountains apart and is competent in destroying the whole universe. He is radiant like the sun existing in the sky.


Among all the warriors who are proficient in the art of war and worthy of praise when they acquire weapons, the lion of Vrishnis, Satyaki is endowed with all the qualities of heroic nature. The auspicious scion of Yadukula has acquired the knowledge of many superlative weapons. His use of weapons is unique, secret and has been brought about by practice.


When the evil-minded foolish Duryodhana sees the golden chariot drawn by four white horses of Madhuvamshi Satyaki in the war, then he will be filled with remorse.


When the foolish Duryodhana sees my fearsome chariot dazzling with gold and jewels drawn by four horses with the flag of Shree Hanuman hoisted and where Sakshat Bhagawan Shree Krishna will take care of the of duty of being charioteer, then he will be repentant.


When I pull the string of my Gandiva bow at the time of the great war, then the friction/movement of my hands will be an extremely deafening sound like thunderbolt striking and when the foolish Duryodhana hears the forceful/formidable twang of my Gandiva and sees the darkness created through my shower/storm of arrows in the front of the battleground spreading all over and sees his army deserting him like how the cows run helter-skelter, then that foolish and dull son of Dhrutharashtra who has diabolical helpers/friends will be filled with remorse.


When the torrent of piercing arrows with beautiful feathers released from the bowstring of my Gandiva bow which are like a fearsome cluster emerging from the cloud and extremely hair-raising powerful sparks falls on the enemies in the battlefield cutting their bones, tearing their heart regions and thousands of soldiers are taken to the wharfs of death and the death of countless horses, elephants and warriors who are wearing the armour commences, then the son of Dhrutharashtra will repent for instigating a war on seeing this.


When other warriors release their arrows, it will clash with my arrow and will sent back. Also, my other arrows will puncture the cluster of arrows of the enemies and cut them into pieces. When the foolish Duryodhana sees this, then he will be filled with regret for provoking a war.


When the arrow called vipaat is released by me on my strength and cuts off the heads of the young warriors forming a pile similar to a pile of fruits that are formed when a bird makes the fruits fall from the front of a tree, then Duryodhana will repent on seeing this.


When Duryodhana sees countless warriors in chariots, on majestic elephants and on horses falling to their deaths on the battlefield because of my arrows, then he will be filled with remorse.


When Duryodhana sees his other brothers unable to go near the torrent/shower of arrows of the enemies and become invisible on seeing them from a distance and are unable to display any gallantry in the war, then he will regret his provocation for a war.


When I release my flurry of arrows continuously and stand in the front like Kala and send groups of the enemy’s foot soldiers and army of chariots into disorder with my burst of flaming arrows, then at that time the foolish Duryodhana will repent.


When the foolish son of Dhrutharashtra sees his whole army covered by the dust kicked up by my chariot that can move in all directions and his whole army is biting the dust and the arrows released by my Gandiva bow is sending the whole army helter-skelter, then he will be repentant.


Duryodhana will see with his own eyes that his army is running away in fear and do not know in which direction to run. How many soldiers have their body parts cut off. The entire army has become delirious. Elephants, horses and the eminent among the courageous kings have been killed. All the vehicles are tired and all the warriors are thirsty and are stricken with fear. Many of your soldiers are yowling, how many have died and how many are dying. The hair, bone and pile of heads of many are scattered. It appears that it is the firm decree/dispensation of the Creator, all this will definitely happen like this. The foolish Duryodhana on seeing this will be filled with remorse.


When the son of Dhrutharashtra, Duryodhana sees my Gandiva bow, Bhagawan Shree Krishna as the charioteer, His divine conch, Pānchajanya, the beautiful horses tied to my chariot, my two inexhaustible quivers filled with arrows, my conch, Devadatta and me, then he will be repentant thinking about the outcome of the war.


When at the time of war, all the groups of looters assembled have been slaughtered and after the annihilation/devastation, I appear again like a blazing fire and reduce the Kauravas to ashes, then at that time Dhrutharashtra along with all his sons will have to repent.


When the silly and foolish Duryodhana who is always filled with anger is deprived of brothers, servants, the army and wealth and prosperity and starts trembling because of injuries and all his arrogance crumbles, then he will regret all his actions.


One day, I had just finished my sandhya vandanam and gayatri japa at forenoon and after completing aachamanam was sitting quietly when a Brahman said these sweet words to me in private – ‘O son of Kunti! You will have to do an arduous task. Savyasāchin! You will have to fight a war against your enemies. Tell me, what do you want? To be seated on Indra’s horse, Uchchaihshravas holding the thunderbolt in your hand bringing devastation on your enemies in the battlefield or moving ahead in your chariot that is drawn by Sugreeva and other horses with Vasudevnandan, Bhagawan Shree Krishna seated in your chariot protecting you from behind.


At that time I left Vajrapaani Indra and chose Bhagawan Shree Krishna as my aide in this war, and hence, I have got Bhagawan Shree Krishna on my side to kill these looters. It appears that the devathas have made these arrangements for me.


Even if Bhagawan Shree Krishna does not participate in the war, whoever He blesses with victory will surely defeat all his enemies even if those enemies are Indra and others, then what is the worry over enemies who are men?


The one who wants to win over Vasudevanandan, Bhagawan Shree Krishna who is glorious/lustrous endowed with extreme valour/gallantry in the war is like one who wants to cross over the ocean that is an inexhaustible and infinite treasure house of water by swimming with his two hands.


That man who wants to strike the extremely inestimable white stoned Kailasa Parvat (mountain) with his hand and tear it into pieces will find his hand along with the fingernails dismembered and he will not be able to cause any damage to the mountain.


The one who wants to win over Bhagawan Shree Krishna in a war is likened to one who is trying to extinguish a blazing fire with his two hands, likened to one who wants to stop the momentum of moon and sun and likened to one who is trying to take away the amrit (nectar) from the obstinate devathas.


The One who with the help of a single chariot defeated the kings of Bhojavamsha and accepted that exceedingly beautiful Rukmini who shines like the glorious sun as His wife and from whose womb, the mighty Pradyumna is born.


It is this Bhagawan Shree Krishna who trampled upon the warriors of Gandharadesha with his swiftness and defeated all the sons of king Nagnajith and released king Sudarshana who is honoured by the devathas who had been captured and was wailing from his imprisonment.


Bhagawan Shree Krishna is the one who killed the king of Pandayadesha, trampled upon the warriors of Kalingadesha in a fiercely fought war and burnt down Kashipuri in such a manner that it was masterless for many years.


This Bhagawan Shree Krishna was always challenging this king of the Nishadas, Ekalavya for a fight who was invincible but after falling to his death in the hands of Bhagawan Shree Krishna is now sleeping forever in the battleground similar to how a daitya Jamba who damaged a mountain that was moving swiftly on his own is now engulfed in great sleep after losing his life.


Ugrasena’s son Kamsa was very wicked. When he was seated in the midst of warriors of both Vrishnivamsa and Andhakavamsa in the sabha, Bhagawan Shree Krishna went with Balarama over there and killed him in front of the whole sabha. In this manner, after killing Kamsa, He returned the kingdom of Mathura to Ugrasena.


Bhagawan Shree Krishna battled against the king of Shalvas who was seated in a vimana called Shaubh in space and had taken on an extremely frightening form through māya (illusion) and caught the shatagni (ancient weapon used in warfare) that was attached to the door of the vimana, Shaubh with His two hands. Then which man can bear His quickness?


There was a famed fearsome fort of the asuras called Prāgjyothispur that was insurmountable for the enemies. There the son of Bhumi, the powerful Narakasura was residing there who had taken away the beautiful bejweled earrings of the Mother of the Devathas, Aditi.


Devatha Indra who is free from the fear of death arrived there to fight him but was unable to defeat Narakasura in the war. Then the devathas prayed to Bhagawan Shree Krishna whose indispensable vigour/energy, valour and weapons were seen by them as well as His nature that was gentle and an annihilator of wickedness to kill the aforementioned looter, Narakasura and Bhagawan Shree Krishna who is competent to attain success in all acts/duties accepted their request to complete that impossible task.


Then the brave Bhagawan Shree Krishna reached the outskirts of the city of Nirmochan and suddenly cut off/snapped off six thousand iron nooses which had sharp/penetrating edges. Then He killed the daitya named Mura and slaughtered the group of raakshasas and entered the city of Nirmochan.


There a war was fought between the strong Narakasura and the extremely powerful Bhagawan Shree Krishna. After being killed by the hands of Bhagawan Shree Krishna, he lost his life similar to how a kanera tree gets uprooted in a thunderstorm and forever sleeps on the battlefield.


In this manner, the unparalleled spectacular scholar, Bhagawan Shree Krishna killed both the son of Bhumi, Narakasura and Mura and took both the bejeweled earrings of Devi Aditi from there and returned to His city adorned with Vijayalakshmi (success, wealth, prosperity and glory) and lustrous prestige.


After seeing the tremendous achievement/valour of Bhagawan Shree Krishna in the war, the devathas gave Him a boon there as follows -‘Keshava! May You never feel tired when You are fighting in a war, may You move continuously in both space and water and may no weapons cause Your body any injury.’ After obtaining this boon from the devathas, Bhagawan Shree Krishna became absolutely successful. Wealth of virtue is forever present in this absolute mighty powerful Bhagawan Shree Vasudeva.


Duryodhana, son of Dhrutharashtra wishes to defeat Bhagawan Shree Krishna of infinitude valour and who is invincible. That scoundrel is always thinking of ways to harm Him but Bhagawan has been tolerating all his crimes because He looks at us.


Duryodhana thinks that he can create an altercation between me and Bhagawan Shree Krishna. The intimacy/respect that the Pandavas have towards Bhagawan Shree Krishna can be eradicated but when he arrives at the battleground of Kurukshetra, he will understand everything clearly.


I offer my salutations to Shantanu nandan, Maharaja Bheeshma, Acharya Drona, Gurubhai (brother through the Guru) Ashwatthama and the valiant Kripacharya whom none can face and will definitely fight this war with the intention to acquire the kingdom.


It is my belief that when a man of wicked mind fights with the Pandavas, then his end is near in the eyes of dharma. The reason is that these Kauravas of cruel disposition defeated us in the game of duplicity and sent us to live in the forest for twelve years whilst we were sons of a king.


We have borne great hardships for a long time in the forest and we had to be in agyāthvāsa (invisible) for a year. When the Pandavas were living in such a state, how can the Kauravas remain in their seats of eminence and experience happiness?


If the sons of Dhrutharashtra take the help of Indra and the devathas and defeat us in the war, then it can be understood that the consideration of sinners is far greater than the expectation of dharma and the existence of good deeds has indeed been annulled.


If Duryodhana thinks that he is not bound to karma or if he does not think that we are more excellent and powerful than him, then also, I have hopes that by making Bhagawan Shree Krishna as our aide, I can kill Duryodhana and all his kin.


Hey King! If the sins committed by man is fruitless i.e. one does not remain without receiving the fruits of the good deeds, then after contemplating over the evil deeds committed by Duryodhana in the present and the past, I can assertively say that the defeat of the sons of Dhrutharashtra is certain and this is in the good of the world.


Kauravas! I want to make this very plain in front of you that if the sons of Dhrutharashtra enter the battleground, then they will not be alive. The lives of the Kauravas can be protected only if they remain far away from war. After instigating a war, none of them will remain alive.


I will kill Karna along with the sons of Dhrutharashtra and acquire the entire kingdom of Kurudesha, i.e. whatever duty that remains for all of you, best you finish it. As per your stature, experience pleasures with your dear wives and whatever food is desired by your body, enjoy it.


We have many elderly Brahmans present in our side who are well-versed in the scriptures, amiable, born in noble families, know about the good and bad fruits in the year, have profound knowledge about astrology and possess knowledge and wisdom of the advantages/fruits of union of grahas (planets) and about nakshatras (stars).


They can reveal the secrets of the fruits of progress/advancement and declination connected to the devathas. They give ethereal answers to the questions asked through which knowledge of events that are going to occur in the future are known. They do investigation/research of the predictive techniques of astrology and chakras to describe the good and bad fruits and are Pandits in the muhurtashastra (knowledge of auspicious times). All these people announce with certainty that there will be massive destruction between the Kauravas and the people of Srunjayvamsha and the Pandavas will emerge victorious in this great war.


Ajatashastru Maharaja Yudhishtira is confident that he will be successful in conquering his enemies. The mighty valorous Bhagawan Shree Krishna of Vrishnivamsha possesses direct knowledge of all the vidyas. He also does not see any uncertainty/doubt in the accomplishment of our desire.


I am also bereft of delusion and see the same destiny in my mind. My ancient vision can never be hidden/concealed. As per that, I can say with certainty that the sons of Dhrutharashtra will not be alive once they enter the battlefield.


Even without touching the Gandiva bow, there is tightness, without even pulling the string of my bow, it is shaking and my arrows are impatient to emerge from the quiver and head towards the enemies one after the other.


The glittering sword is coming out of its sheath in such a manner like how a snake shines when it sheds its old snakeskin and there is this fearsome sound reverberating from my flag that hey Arjuna! when will your chariot be yoked for war.


The group of jackals create cacophony in the night, raakshas will descend from space to earth and deer, jackal, peacock, crow, vulture, egret and cheetah will come running near my chariot.


The bird named suvarnapatra will descend from behind on seeing my chariot drawn by white horses. It appears from this that I alone will send all the kings and warriors to Yamaloka with my torrent of arrows.


Like how the blazing fire in summer burns the forest and no tree is left standing, similarly I will take shelter in the various types of weapons that am equipped with to slaughter my enemies namely sthunaakarna, the great PaasupataastraBrahmaastra as well as the weapon given to me by Indra, the Indraastra will also be used by me and I will create a rapid torrent of arrows and will not leave anyone alive in this war. I will get peace only by doing that. Sanjaya! You tell them plainly that my resolve and choice is certain.


Suta! The Pandavas who will not remain still unless they defeat Indra and the devathas if found in the battleground, the same Pandavas this Duryodhana wishes to forcibly go to war with, look at his delusion!


In spite of this, I pray that whatever all these people namely the elderly Pithamaha Shantanunandan Bheeshma, Kripacharya, Dronacharya, Ashwatthama and the wise Vidura decide, so it shall be. May all the Kauravas have long life.”


[Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya conveys Arjuna’s message – Chapter 48 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 1 – 109]

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