Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya enters the Kaurava Sabha after meeting the Pandavas – Chapter 47 – Slokas 1 – 17

Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! King Dhrutharashtra passed the whole night in conversation with Paramarshi Sanat Sujatha and the wise Vidura.


After the night had passed and dawn arrived, all the kingsmen came to the royal court to see sutaputra (son of a charioteer) Sanjaya with great joy.


Dhrutharashtra as well as all the Kauravas in eagerness to hear the words of dharma of the Pandavas entered that beautiful splendid royal court that was looking extremely radiant because all the surfaces were sparkling. The golden courtyard added to its grandeur. That court was illuminated like the white rays of the moon. It was extremely enchanting and its interior was sprinkled with water combined with chandan (sandalwood).


Seats/thrones of gold, wood, bejewelled as well as of ivory were arranged in a beautiful aesthetic manner and sheets were draped over them in that royal court.


Bharatashreshta! Bheeshma, Drona, Kripacharya, Shalya, Kritavarma, Jayadratha, Ashwatthama, Vikarna, Somadatta, Bahlika, the supremely wise Vidura, Maharathi Yuyutsu as well as all the other valourous ones placed King Dhrutharashtra in the front and entered that beautiful court together.


Hey King! Dusshaasana, Chitrasena, Subalaputra Shakuni, Durmukha, Dussaha, Karna, Ulook and Vivamshati – all these placed Kururaja Duryodhana who was full of indignation ahead and entered the royal court exactly like how the devathas enter the court of Indra.


Janamejaya! The entry of those warriors of very strong arms likened to the arms of the Goddess in that court attained glory similar to a cave in a mountain that becomes ornate with the entry/arrival of a lion.


When all those illustrious rulers who wear the mighty bows and are resplendent like the sun entered the court, the striking seats/thrones that were arranged became embellished.


Bharata! When all those kings sat on the thrones worthy of their stature, then the gatekeeper gave the message that Sanjaya is waiting by the entrance of the royal court. It is the same chariot that has arrived that had been sent to the Pandavas. The chariot has horses of Sindhudesha tied to it to carry our messenger Sanjaya who has returned in haste in this chariot.


On hearing the announcement of the gatekeeper, Sanjaya, adorning ear-rings stepped down from the chariot and went towards the royal court and made his entry into the court that was filled with noble-minded kings.”


Sanjaya uvācha, “Kauravas! You should know that I am returning after meeting the Pandavas. Pandavas offer their salutations to all the Kauravas in order of their age.


They have offered their pranaams to all the wise and elderly. A message of friendship has been given to those who are coeval and even the youths have been paid homage to according to their age and words of affection are expressed.


I have conveyed the words to the Pandavas exactly as directed to me by Maharaja Dhrutharashtra at the time of my departure. Hey Kings! Please listen carefully to the answer in accordance with dharma given by Bhagawan Shree Krishna and Arjuna.


[Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya enters the Kaurava Sabha after meeting the Pandavas – Chapter 47 of Udyoga Parva – Slokas 1 – 17]

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