Stories from Scriptures

  1. Yudhishtira receives the Akshaya Patra from Bhagawan Surya (1/14/2021) - Raja Yudhishtira was deeply troubled about the arrangements for the customary feeding of the Brahmans who had accompanied them on their exile. He went to his family priest Dhaumya Maharshi to seek his advice. Dhaumya Maharshi contemplated over the matter for a little while and remembered the upadesha (instructions) that he had received from Narada Devarshi... Continue Reading →
  2. Shuka’s visit to Mithila and conversation with Janaka Rajarshi (2/6/2021) - Sanandana Paramarshi narrates an incident to Narada Devarshi about the time when Shuka Paramarshi went to his venerable father, Veda Vyāsa Maharshi and asked him about moksha and dharma.   “‘Bhagawan! I offer my salutations to you. You are an exponent in the subject of moksha and dharma. Please give me such an upadesha (instruction) where my mind will... Continue Reading →
  3. Sanatkumara’s upadesha to Shuka (2/27/2021) - Brahmaputra Sanatkumara Paramarshi with the intention to guide Shuka Paramarshi arrived at his hermitage. When Shuka Muni saw the radiant eternal Sage, he rose up and offered him his pranaams.   Bhagawan Sanatkumara asked, “Mahabhaga! Vyāsaputra! What are you doing?”   To which Shuka replied, “Brahmakumara! I am at this moment studying the Vedas. I... Continue Reading →
  4. Markandeya Maharshi’s darshan of Bhagawan Bala Mukunda at the time of Maha Pralaya (4/13/2021) - Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! Dharmaraja Yudhishtira asked Chiranjeevi Markandeya Maharshi this question – Mahamune! You have seen the Mahāpralaya that occurs after thousands of yugas. I do not see any man who has lived as long as you have in this universe. O Maharshi! You are the best among all the knowers of Brahman! There is no one besides... Continue Reading →
  5. Bhagawan Bala Mukunda reveals Himself to Markandeya Maharshi (4/21/2021) - Bhagawan Bala Mukunda uvācha, “O Venerable One! Even the devathas do not know My form satisfactorily and in reality. I will tell you the manner in which I create this universe because of your love and affection.   Brahmarshi! You are a devotee of the ancestors and you have sought refuge in Me and you have... Continue Reading →
  6. The birth of Ashtavakra and his entry into the court of Raja Janaka (7/3/2021) - Lomasha Maharshi uvācha, “O Yudhishtira! We are here in the sacrosanct ashrama of Shvetaketu, son of Uddalaka who is said to be exceedingly proficient in mantra–shastra. See all the trees here are laden with fruits. Shvetaketu has had the darshan of Saraswati Devi in this ashrama in all her glory and said thus to the Divine Mother who... Continue Reading →
  7. The importance of Payoshni River, Vaidurya Parvat and Narmada River (7/10/2021) - Dharmaraja Yudhishtira and his brothers, Lomasha Maharshi and the servants left for the sacrosanct Payoshni River that had been worshipped by the ruler of Vidarbha. The divine ambrosia Somarasa of the yagnas was mixed in its waters. They arrived at the bank of the river and drank its water. They decided to stay here singing... Continue Reading →
  8. Tirthyatra Parva – Narada Devarshi visits Yudhishtira and explains the benefits of pilgrimage quoting the conversation between Bhishma and Pulastya Brahmarshi (9/8/2021) - Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! Dharmaraja Yudhishtira became sad on hearing the words of anxiety expressed by Draupadi and his brothers towards the well-being of Dhananjaya. As he was pondering over this, Mahatma Narada Devarshi arrived in his midst. Mahatma Narada Devarshi was resplendent with the Supreme Radiance like the fire that rises in all its glory when ghee... Continue Reading →
  9. Tirthayatra Parva: The description of innumerable tirths around Kurukshetra (10/29/2021) - Pulastya Brahmarshi uvācha, “Hey King! Then one should visit Kurukshetra that has been praised by Rishis, whose mere darshan will liberate one from all sins. One who always says, ‘I will go to Kurukshetra, I will reside in Kurukshetra’ will be liberated from all sins. If the mud from Kurukshetra brought by the wind touches the body,... Continue Reading →

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