Aranya Parva – Chapter 8 – Vyāsa Maharshi advises Dhrutharashtra to stop Duryodhana and the injustice

Vyāsa uvācha, “O Wise Dhrutharashtra! Listen to me, I will reveal to you that which is in the best interest of the Kauravas.


O brave one! I do not like that you have sent the Pandavas to the forest. Duryodhana and others used deceit to defeat them in the game of dice.


O Bharata! At the end of the thirteen years in exile, they will remember every insult and get angry and will spew venom on the Kauravas, it means that a mighty attack of arms and weapons comparable to poison will be launched by them.


Knowing this very well, why is your evil and foolish son always filled with hate and anger and wants to kill the Pandavas for the kingdom?


You stop this fool. Pray that your son will become calm. If he decides to kill the forest-dwelling Pandavas, then he will surely lose his life.


Just like how the wise Vidura, Bheeshma, Myself, Kripacharya and Dronacharya are of saintly disposition, similarly you are also like that.


O Wise One! It is considered to be extremely condemnable to quarrel with your relatives. It is against dharma and brings disrepute. O king! Do not fall into the trap of discord with your family.


O Bharata! If one neglects or fails to subdue and end this thinking of Duryodhana towards the Pandavas, then it will create a mighty atrocity and injustice.


Else, this foolish son of yours should go alone without taking any others to the forest with the Pandavas.


O descendant of Manu! When your son lives in close proximity with the Pandavas, then they will develop feelings of affection towards him for which you will be grateful today itself.


But O Maharaj! One’s behaviour at birth does not change over time. Even if that is honey. This I have heard about. So therefore, what is the view of Bheeshma, Drona, Vidura and yours in this matter? Whatever is best, should be done first. Only then will the object be achieved.


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