Brahma Sutras – Chapter 4, Section 3 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 16

।। चतुर्थोध्यायः ।।
।। तृतीयः पादः ।।

अर्चिरादिना तत्प्रथितेः ।। 4.3.1 ।।

It is well known that the jeeva of the knower of the Saguna Brahman travels along the path beginning from the flame.



The jeeva of the knower of the Saguna Brahman goes from the deity of the year to the deity of air, on account of the absence and presence of specification.


तडितोऽधि वरुणः सम्बन्धात्।।4.3.3।।

After reaching the deity of lightning, the jeeva reaches Varuna because of their connection.



These are deities conducting the jeeva, owing to the indicatory marks to that effect.



Those deities are established in the texts because both the traveller and the path are unconscious.


वैद्युतेनैव ततस्तच्छ्रुतेः।।4.3.6।।

From thence, the jeevas are guided by the very same entity who comes to lightning, for it is of him that is known from the Sruti.


कार्यं बादरिरस्य गत्युपपत्तेः।।4.3.7।।

Bādari Maharshi thinks that the jeevas of the knowers of the Saguna Brahman attain the Saguna Brahman by travelling along the path of the Gods as only that can be ascertained as the reasonable goal.



And on account of the qualification with respect to this Saguna Brahman specifically mentioned.


सामीप्यातु तद्व्यपदेशः।।4.3.9।।

But on account of the nearness of the Saguna Brahman to the Supreme Brahman, it is also designated as Supreme Brahman.


कार्यात्यये तदध्यक्षेण सहातः परमभिधानात्।।4.3.10।।

On the final dissolution of the world of the Saguna Brahman, all the jeevas along with the ruler of that world attain through Knowledge that which is higher, which is the Supreme Brahman as per the declaration of the Sruti.



This is confirmed by the Smriti as well.


परं जैमिनिर्मुख्यत्वात्।।4.3.12।।

Jaimini Maharshi is of the opinion that the jeevas travelling along the path of the gods attain the Supreme Brahman as that is the primary meaning of Brahman.



And this is declared by the Sruti.


न च कार्ये प्रतिपत्त्यभिसन्धिः।।4.3.14।।

The desire to attain the Supreme Brahman at the time of death cannot be with respect to the Saguna Brahman.


अप्रंतीकालम्बनान्नयतीति बादरायण उभयथादोषात्तत्क्रतुश्च।।4.3.15।।

Bādarāyana Maharshi says that the entity leads to Brahmaloka only those who do not use a symbol of Brahman in their meditations; there is no contradiction if this distinction is made and if it is construed by the principle as is the meditation on that so does one become.


विशेषं च दर्शयति।।4.3.16।।

And the scripture declares a difference with respect to meditations on symbols.


[Brahma Sutras – Chapter 4, Section 3 –  Slokas 1 – Slokas 16]

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