• How do cosmic rays originate?

Ray is a line of light or other radiation coming from a point. Radiation is a spurt of energy as electromagnetic rays or subatomic particles. Cosmos means the universe seen as a well-ordered whole. The most unfortunate thing about Western science or scientists is that even after a century, years or more after the discovery of cosmic rays, the origin of cosmic rays is something which has eluded all of them and which has remained a mystery up to this day! But fortunately for us, the origin of cosmic rays is detailed in the 14th sloka of Soundarya Lahari attributed to Adi Shankara. As Parā Shakthi is the Creator of the universe with five-fold construction of (a) Matter (b) Water (c) Fire (d) Air (e) Ether and the (f) Manas tattva is above and beyond the five-fold universe, the cosmic rays emerge from the Lotus Feet of Devi and pass through Manas tattva to Mulādhara as under:

Manas tattva 64 cosmic rays
Ether belt 72 cosmic rays
Airy belt 54 cosmic rays
Fiery belt 62 cosmic rays
Watery belt 52 cosmic rays
Matter belt 56 cosmic rays
Total Number 360 Cosmic Rays


  • What is an imprisoned ray?

The “ray” which is” imprisoned” is the embodied soul itself. When the bodiless Supreme Soul called “consciousness”- the Supreme Creator –created pure and irreproachable members of the human community, at the end of their life, they all reached the Brahman without an exception. But in the later Yugas, many picked up a disability through self-indulgence in karma that accounted for the bondage of the body, the soul getting embodied like an “imprisoned ray”. The state of the individual’s Atman getting a corporeal appendage is indeed called the imprisoned ray, eloquently used by Sir Aurobindo in his writings. But He seems to have taken this phrase from Adi Shankara’s “Soundarya Lahari” describing “bandeekrutham-iva-naveena-arka-kiranam”. The  difference here is that the ray SEEMS imprisoned but is really not ! The ray standing for the life force is known to leave the body after the sojourn ends! The Vedantic lesson implied here is that man has to free himself i.e., his soul from the bodily bondage to reach the highest or else the soul will cling to the body life after life.


  • What is irradiation of newly constructed temple deity? What happens in a temple when devotees have darshan?

In a newly constructed, the deity in the Sanctum Sanctorum is irradiated with the electromagnetic waves engendered by the specified consecration mantras of the Vedas. The abhishekams and pujas conducted everyday go to strengthen the power of vibration of the deity. More the puja, homa etc. more will be its capacity to transmit its energies to the devotees who visit the temple for darshan and blessing.

Just as the deity receives Divine energy from the daily worship so does it disseminate the same energy not only to those who are present but also to everything in the vicinity.

It is not perhaps known to many that in the scientific field, all energy flows from the higher to the lower. As the power of the consecretated idol goes on diminishing daily pujas etc. are enjoined on the archaks or the priests in order to replenish its power of radiation for the benefit of people and of the very kshetra.


  • It is said, in binary stars, energy particle move from the higher to the lower of the two. Is this phenomenon found on earth?

There is enormous astrophysical and cosmic evidence that in the case of the binary stars- because of their close proximity with each other- one of the two of companion stars goes on attracting energy particles from the other. The nexus between the two, and flow of such particles from one to the other, have been clearly photographed – to the extent of the whole matter of the flow becoming now an amateur phenomenon.

This is exactly what happens in Satsang, energy particles flowing from the higher individual in Satsang to those lower, to such an extent that the energy levels get equated over a period of time. That exactly is the benefit of Satsang. The one who loses makes up the lost energy by personal prayers the very next day; that is the significance of prescribing a day for such meditation on Gayatri Pratipat day following congregational (Satsang) prayers on Avani Avittam day each year.

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