Brahma Thejas & Kshaatra Thejas

The distress of Draupadi and of the Pandavas in the forest had a silver lining. The best among the Brahmins who were Vedic scholars had joined the Pandavas’s camp in the forest and were patronized by Yudhishtira and the entire clan of Kshatriyas. The forest which was reverberating with the soothing sound of Vedic hymns reminded the exalted atmosphere of Brahma Loka (Abode of Brahma). Those who listened to the vibrations engendered by the harmonious fusion of Brahma Thejas and Kshaatra Thejas were lifted to a state of ecstasy. Great sages belonging to the illustrious descent of Bhrigu, Angirasa, Vasishta, Kashyapa, Agastya and Atri were engaged in austerities and religious exercises calculated to benefit all aspirants after material prosperity and spiritual uplift. A sage called Bakadaalbhya told Yudhishtira that the combined effort of Brahmins and Kshatriyas – the union of twin thejasic forces – will invest one with powers to conquer the most invincible enemy, just as the Lord of Fire, Agni, can annihilate a great forest by his powers of conflagration fanned by the association of the Lord of Air, Vayu. It is analogous to the physical force backed up by metaphysical powers. If the wisdom of intellectuals joins the ruler’s enormous strength, the beneficiary of the union will be the whole world.  Bakadaalbhya’s words of wisdom prompted all Brahmins who had assembled there to worship Yudhishtira in the same was as the Rishis would praise the heavenly lord Indra.


No tears from the gang of four

Draupadi could not help reminding Yudhishtira of the humiliation she suffered at the hands of Kauravas and the scene of Pandavas’s departure to the forest.  “Maharaja!” she said, “there is no repentance whatsoever on the part of Duryodhana and Dusshaasana about the treatment given to us and in driving us wickedly to the forest. The whole group of Kauravas barring the ‘gang of four’ and the citizens who had assembled there shed tears at our predicament: but there was not a drop from the eyes of Duryodhana, Dusshaasana, Karna and Shakuni. I am the great Drupada’s daughter. I am an Ayonije (born outside the womb, outside the physical frame).  I am Dhrishtadyumna’s sister. I am the daughter-in-law of the great king Pandu. I am, above all, the holy consort of world-famous warriors, the Pandavas. And such a one was pulled and pushed by the wicked one in an open assembly hall most indecently. They alone are responsible for our present misfortune. What is amazing is that you have exonerated them and sitting quiet here. Without a command from you, even your brothers are keeping quiet despite the anger and indignation which are consuming them. Those who have been guilty of the most treacherous of crimes against you and your followers should not be left alone. A king who fails to punish an enemy guilty of grave sacrilege but instead grants pardon and contrarily one who exhibits anger and imposes punishment when pardon is called for, in given situations, will not do good to a ruler.


Yudhishtira corrects Draupadi:

Yudhishtira, having patiently heard Draupadi, explained to her the role of pardon as a superlative quality and anger as a cause of destruction and misery. He mused on the anatomy of anger.

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