Bhagavad Gita

  1. The assembly of armies – Chapter 1 (1/12/2019) - The scene was set to witness the greatest war fought by the most exemplary and skilled warriors the universe had ever seen. The war as ordained by the Supreme Creator left no one in doubt of its inevitable result.   Bhagavad Gita starts with the conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Sanjaya who was blessed with Divine Vision... Continue Reading →
  2. The path of knowledge – Chapter 2 – Slokas 2.01 – 2.72 (1/15/2019) - Sanjaya as a witness to this discourse narrated as he saw in Kurukshetra, “Madhusudhana (Krishna) uttered the following words to him (Arjuna) who had thus been filled with pity and whose eyes were filled with tears which showed distress and who was in deep sorrow after seeing the great assembly of mighty warriors who were... Continue Reading →
  3. Karma Yoga – Chapter 3 – Slokas 3.01-3.43 (3/4/2019) - Arjuna said, “O Janārdana, if it be Your opinion that Wisdom that is Yoga of Wisdom which is equanimity practised along with Yoga of Knowledge with the single-pointed conviction of the Supreme Goal is superior to action then, why O Kesava, do You urge me to do this horrible and cruel action that will cause... Continue Reading →
  4. Knowledge and Renunciation of actions – Chapter 4 – Slokas 4.01 – 4.42 (3/16/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “In the beginning of creation, I imparted this imperishable Yoga to Vivasvān, the Sun and he taught this to Manu and Manu imparted it to Iksvāku, his own son who was the first king.   The rajarshis knew this Yoga which was thus received through the successive generations. That Yoga is lost... Continue Reading →
  5. The way to renunciation – Chapter 5 – Slokas 5.01 – 5.29 (3/26/2019) - Arjuna said, “O Krishna, You praise and speak of renunciation of actions and again you praise and speak of Yoga that is the performance of obligatory and customary duties and actions. Tell me for certain, as the one intended by You, that one which is more commendable or recommended between these two.”   The Blessed... Continue Reading →
  6. The Yoga of Meditation – Chapter 6 – Slokas 6.01 – 6.47 (4/2/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “anasritah karma-phalam karyam karma karoti yah sa sannyasi ca yogi ca na niragnir na cakriyah – He who performs an action which is his duty without depending on the results and fruits of the said action and duty is a monk and a Yogi but not one who does not keep a... Continue Reading →
  7. Jnāna and Vijnāna – Chapter 7 – Slokas 7.01 – 7.30 (4/13/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “O Pārtha, having the mind fixed on Me, who am the Supreme, practising the Yoga of Meditation and taking refuge in Me, hear from Me now, how you will know Me with certainty in entirety.   I shall tell you in detail of this Knowledge combined with realization, savijnānam, after experiencing which,... Continue Reading →
  8. The Immutable Brahman – Chapter 8 – Slokas 8.01 – 8.28 (4/20/2019) - Arjuna said, “kim tad brahma kim adhyatmam kim karma purusottama adhibhutam ca kim proktam adhidaivam kim ucyate adhiyajnah katham ko ‘tra dehe ‘smin madhusudana prayana-kale ca katham jneyo ‘si niyatatmabhih – O Supreme Person, what is that Brahman? What is that which exists in the individual plane? What is action? And what is that which is... Continue Reading →
  9. The Sovereign Knowledge and Mystery – Chapter 9 – Slokas 9.01 – 9.34 (4/27/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “idam tu te guhyatamam pravaksyamy anasuyave jnanam vijnana-sahitam yaj jnatva moksyase ‘subhat – However, to you who are not given to cavilling, I shall speak of the highest secret itself which is Knowledge and combined with experience and by realizing that Knowledge, you shall be free from evil.   raja-vidya raja-guhyam pavitram... Continue Reading →
  10. The Divine Glory – Chapter 10 – Slokas 10.01 – 10.42 (5/6/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “O mighty-armed one, listen again to My Supreme utterance which is of the Transcendental Reality, I take delight in speaking to you of that Supreme Truth wishing your welfare.   Neither the gods nor the great sages know My lordly power and radiance. For, in all respects, I am the source of... Continue Reading →
  11. Revelation of the Cosmic Form – Chapter 11 – Slokas 11.01 – 11.55 (5/16/2019) - Arjuna said, “mad-anugrahaya paramam guhyam adhyatma-samjnitam yat tvayoktam vacas tena moho ‘yam vigato mama – This delusion of mine has been removed as a result of that speech of Yours which is supremely secret and known as adhyātma-sanjnitam, pertaining to the Self and which was uttered by You for my benefit.   O You with eyes like... Continue Reading →
  12. Bhakti- Yoga – Chapter 12 – Slokas 12.01 – 12.20 (5/29/2019) - Arjuna said, “evam satata-yukta ye bhaktas tvam paryupasate ye capy aksaram avyaktam tesam ke yoga-vittamah – Those devotees who, being thus ever-devoted, meditate on You and those others again, who meditate on the Immutable, the Unmanifested – of them, who are the best experiencers of Yoga?”   The Blessed Lord said, “mayy avesya mano ye mam... Continue Reading →
  13. Discrimination between Nature and Soul – Chapter 13 – Slokas 13.01 – 13.34 (6/3/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “idam sariram kaunteya ksetram ity abhidhiyate etad yo vetti tam prahuh ksetra-jna iti tad-vidah – O son of Kunti, this body is referred to as the ‘field’. Those who are well-versed in this and aware of this ‘field’ call him who is conscious of it as the ‘Knower of the field’.  ... Continue Reading →
  14. The classification of the three gunas – Chapter 14 – Slokas 14.01 – 14.27 (6/12/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “param bhuyah pravaksyami jnananam jnanam uttamam yaj jnatva munayah sarve param siddhim ito gatah – I shall speak again of the Supreme Knowledge, the best of all knowledges, by realizing which all the contemplatives namely the monks and seekers reached the Highest Perfection from here.   idam jnanam upasritya mama sadharmyam agatah... Continue Reading →
  15. The Supreme Person – Chapter 15 – Slokas 15.01 – 15.20 (6/18/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “urdhva-mulam adhah-sakham asvattham prahur avyayam chandamsi yasya parnani yas tam veda sa veda-vit – They say that the Peepul Tree, which has its roots upward and branches downward, and of which the Vedas are the leaves is imperishable. He who realizes it is a knower of the Vedas.   adhas cordhvam prasrtas... Continue Reading →
  16. The Divine and the demoniacal attributes – Chapter 16 – Slokas 16.01 – 16.24 (6/22/2019) - The Blessed Lord said, “abhayam sattva-samsuddhir jnana-yoga-vyavasthitih danam damas ca yajnas ca svadhyayas tapa arjavam – Fearlessness, purity of the mind, persistence in knowledge and yoga, charity, control of the external organs, sacrifice, study of the scriptures, austerity and penance, rectitude,   ahimsa satyam akrodhas tyagah santir apaisunam daya bhutesv aloluptvam mardavam hrir acapalam – Non-injury, truthfulness,... Continue Reading →
  17. The three kinds of faith – Chapter 17 – Slokas 17.01 – 17.28 (6/29/2019) - Arjuna said, “ye sastra-vidhim utsrjya yajante sraddhayanvitah tesam nistha tu ka krsna sattvam aho rajas tamah – But, O Krsna, what is the state of those, who, endued with faith, adore by ignoring the injunctions of the scriptures? Is it sattva, rajas or tamas?”   The Blessed Lord said, “tri-vidha bhavati sraddha dehinam sa svabhava-ja sattviki rajasi caiva tamasi ceti... Continue Reading →
  18. Monasticism and Liberation – Chapter 18 – Slokas 18.01 – 18.78 (7/6/2019) - Arjuna said, “sannyasasya maha-baho tattvam icchami veditum tyagasya ca hrsikesa prthak kesi-nisudana – O mighty-armed Hrsikesa, O slayer of Kesi, I want to know the truth about sannyāsa as also about tyāga.”   The Blessed Lord said, “kamyanam karmanam nyasam sannyasam kavayo viduh sarva-karma-phala-tyagam prahus tyagam vicaksanah – The learned ones know sannyāsa to be the giving up of actions with a... Continue Reading →

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