Excerpts from The Mahabharata

  1. Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva of The Mahabharata – Chapter 41 – Slokas 1 – 12 (1/21/2020) -   Harihi Aum Prostrations to Lord Vallabha Ganapathi, Ocean of Mercy and Kindness. Salutations offered to Sri Shuka Paramarshi, the venerable Great Guru of the Rishis. Obeisance paid to Bhagawan Shree Krishna, the Supreme Self, The Perfect Being. Pranaams offered to Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi of Thiruvannamalai.   Introduction to Sanatsujatha Parva:   Dhrutharashtra said, “Dear Vidura, is there anything else you... Continue Reading →
  2. Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 42 – Slokas 1 – 46 (1/23/2020) - Vaishampayana said, “Janamejaya! Thereafter, Dhrutharashtra, the intelligent great king respecting and honouring the words of the wise Vidura in the hope of receiving the highest exalted knowledge and wisdom posed the following questions to Sanatsujatha Paramarshi in exclusivity.”   Dhrutharashtra said, “Respected Sanatsujatha Paramarshi, I am hearing that it is your belief and proclamation that... Continue Reading →
  3. Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 43 – Slokas 1 – 63 (1/31/2020) - Dhrutharashtra said, “Wise One! Whose name is silence? Is it the end of sound or the Paramātmā swaroopa? Which is silence in these two? Please explain the nature of silence. Does a wise one attain the Paramātmā who is Silence through silence? Revered Sage! How do people in this universe describe the character and quality of silence?”... Continue Reading →
  4. Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 44 – Slokas 1 – 31 (2/13/2020) - Dhrutharashtra said, “O Venerable Sanatsujatha Paramarshi! The supreme ultimate omniscient omnipresent Vidya about Brahman that you are elucidating is exceedingly rare for people with desirous nature and intentions to receive. Youthful One! My sincere request to you is to give an exposition on this divine superlative subject again.”   Sanatsujatha Paramarshi said, “Hey King! You have expressed your pleasure... Continue Reading →
  5. Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 45 – Slokas 1 – 21 (2/21/2020) - Sanatsujatha Paramarshi said, “O King! Sorrow, anger, lust and greed, desires, conceit, excessive sleep, envy and jealousy, delusion and ignorance, ambitions and aspirations, cowardice, seeing faults in fine qualities and speaking ill are the twelve great blunders that destroy men.   O Lord of Kings! One by one all these blemishes are consequently acquired by... Continue Reading →
  6. Sanatsujatha Parva of Udyoga Parva Chapter 46 – Slokas 1 – 31 (2/26/2020) - Sanatsujatha Paramarshi said, “Hey King! The pure Brahman is a grand resplendent glorious magnificent luminosity. All the devathas propitiate this supreme form. The sun draws its brilliance from this supreme Light and sages and yogis worship this eternal Bhagawan.   The birth of Hiranyagarbha is from within this pure blissful consciousness of Parabrahman as is its growth and advancement. That pure resplendence known as Brahman resides within... Continue Reading →
  7. Senyodyoga Parva – Lord Krishna offering help to both Duryodhana and Arjuna – Chapter 7 – Slokas 1 – 39 (3/10/2020) - Vaishampayana said, “Janamejaya! Pandavas dispatched the Purohit to Hastinapura and sent their messengers to various kingdoms.   After sending messengers to various places, Kurukula nandan Kunti putra, the exemplary Dhananjaya departed to Dwarka himself.   When Madhukula nandan Lord Krishna and Balabhadra left along with a large army of Vrshni, Andhak and Bhojavamshi Yadavas for Dwarka, then Dhrutharashtra’s son,... Continue Reading →
  8. Sanjaya-yāna Parva – Lord Krishna replying to Sanjaya and cautioning Dhrutharashtra – Chapter 29 – Slokas 1 – 58 (3/17/2020) - Vasudeva said, “O messenger Sanjaya! In the same manner that I want to save the Pandavas from destruction and bestow wealth, success and prosperity upon them and win their love and affection, I also want to be a well-wisher to King Dhrutharashtra of many sons and see them rise.   Messenger! I also desire that... Continue Reading →
  9. Sanjaya takes leave and Yudhishtira’s message – Chapter 30 – Slokas 1 – 49 (3/30/2020) - Sanjaya said, “O King of Kings, O son of Pandu! Glory be to you! Now I will take leave of you and return to Hastinapura. I hope I haven’t uttered any words or said anything untoward that has caused you pain because of the disturbance in my mind.   I seek permission from Bhagawan Shree... Continue Reading →
  10. Yudhishtira’s message for each and every important member of the Kauravas – Chapter 31 – Slokas 1 – 23 (4/9/2020) - Yudhishtira said, “Sanjaya! The Creator keeps one and all be it ascetic-immoral, child-old and weak-healthy in ITS control.   IT is only every being’s dictator/controller and bestows various types of fruits based on the karma of the previous births of the being. IT only can make a foolish one a scholar and a scholar a... Continue Reading →
  11. Arjuna’s message for the Kauravas, Sanjaya returns to Hastinapura and meets Dhrutharashtra with the news of Yudhishtira’s well-being and criticizes Dhrutharashtra’s act – Chapter 32 – Epilogue (4/17/2020) - Vaishampayana said, “Janamejaya! After hearing Dharmaraja Yudhishtira and Bhagawan Shree Krishna, Arjuna, son of Kunti said the following to Sanjaya.”   Arjuna said, “Sanjaya! Bheeshma Pithamaha – Son of Shantanu, Dhrutharashtra, Dronacharya and his son, King Shalya, Bahlika, Vikarna, Somadatta, Shakuni – son of Subala, Vivimshati, Chitrasena, Jayatsena and Bhagdatta who is the brave superlative warrior... Continue Reading →
  12. Arjuna’s message for the Kauravas, Sanjaya returns to Hastinapura and meets Dhrutharashtra with the news of Yudhishtira’s well-being and criticizes Dhrutharashtra’s act – Chapter 32 – Slokas 1 – 32 (4/18/2020) - Vaishampayana said, “Upon receiving the permission of Pandu’s son, Yudhishtira to leave, Sanjaya obeying all the instructions of the mighty King Dhrutharashtra departed from there.   After arriving in Hastinapura, he made haste to the Rajabhavan and went to the door of the inner quarters and said the following to the gate-keeper.   “O Dvārapaal! Please inform King... Continue Reading →
  13. Vidura Nīti – Conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Vidura – Chapter 33 – Slokas 1 – 123 (4/25/2020) - Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! After the departure of Sanjaya, King Dhrutharashtra of great intelligence told the following to the dvārapalaka – “I wish to meet with Vidura. Bring him to me quickly.”   The messenger sent by Dhrutharashtra said the following to Vidura – “Mahāmate! Our Lord, King Dhrutharashtra wishes to meet you.”   After hearing the words of... Continue Reading →
  14. Vidura Nīti – Conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Vidura – Chapter 34 – Slokas 1 – 86 (5/22/2020) - Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “Hey Wise One! I am burning with anxiety and still awake at this late hour; please tell me what action/act you think is in my interest that I must do because only you are proficient in the knowledge of dharma and artha among us two.   O magnanimous Vidura! Please think and contemplate with your intelligence and give... Continue Reading →
  15. Vidura Nīti – Conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Vidura – Chapter 35 – Slokas 1 – 77 (6/11/2020) - Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “O Intelligent One! You speak again of matters of dharma and artha. I am not satisfied even now after hearing it. You are speaking about stupendous things with regard to this subject.”   Vidura uvācha, “Hey King! These two namely taking a dip/bath in every teertha and behaving softly towards all animals and beings are considered to be equal but... Continue Reading →
  16. Vidura Nīti – Conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Vidura – Chapter 36 – Slokas 1 – 74 (6/29/2020) - Vidura uvācha, “Hey King! People quote the ancient historical example of the conversation between Dattatreya and Sādhyadevathas in this matter; I have also heard about it.   It is a matter of ancient times, Maharshi Dattatreya, the supremely intelligent and observer of superlative vows and pious austerities was wandering about in the form of a swan... Continue Reading →
  17. Vidura Nīti – Conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Vidura – Chapter 37 – Slokas 1 – 64 (7/16/2020) - Vidura uvācha, “Rajendra! Vichitraveeryanandan! It has been said that Swayambhu Manu has these seventeen types of men in space – those who use their fists to deliver blows/knockout, those that cannot be made to yield/made to submit, those who attempt to subjugate the Indradhanush (bow of Indra) in the rainy season and those trying to capture the rays of... Continue Reading →
  18. Vidura Nīti – Conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Vidura – Chapter 38 – Slokas 1 – 47 (7/30/2020) - Vidura uvācha, “Hey King! When any esteemed elderly man comes near, then the prana (life-force) of a youthful man moves upwards; when he stands up to receive the elderly man and offers pranaams, then the prana (life-force) returns to its true place.   It is imperative for a resolute man that when a saintly person comes to his house as a... Continue Reading →
  19. Vidura Nīti – Conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Vidura – Chapter 39 – Slokas 1 – 85 (8/10/2020) - Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “Vidura! This man is not independent in his acquisition of wealth and prosperity and in his ruin/doom. Like a puppet tied to a string/thread, Brahma has made him subservient to his prarabdha karma; hence, you keep speaking, I am sitting here listening to you patiently/with forbearance.”   Vidura uvācha, “Bharata! If Brihaspati also speaks something contrary/opposed... Continue Reading →
  20. Vidura Nīti – Conversation between Dhrutharashtra and Vidura – Chapter 40 – Slokas 1 – 32 (8/31/2020) - Vidura uvācha, “Hey King! When one who receives veneration/respect from gentlemen engages in measures of artha as per his capability without attachment, then that exemplary man will attain fame quickly; because when a saintly person becomes pleased with one, then he always remains happy.   One who forsakes immense sum of money acquired/earned through adharma even before he becomes interested in... Continue Reading →
  21. Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya enters the Kaurava Sabha after meeting the Pandavas – Chapter 47 – Slokas 1 – 17 (9/7/2020) - Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! King Dhrutharashtra passed the whole night in conversation with Paramarshi Sanat Sujatha and the wise Vidura.   After the night had passed and dawn arrived, all the kingsmen came to the royal court to see sutaputra (son of a charioteer) Sanjaya with great joy.   Dhrutharashtra as well as all the Kauravas... Continue Reading →
  22. Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya conveys Arjuna’s message – Chapter 48 – Slokas 1 – 109 (9/10/2020) - Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “Sanjaya! I ask you in the midst of all these kings what message has been sent to us by the large-hearted generous/saintly Arjuna who has been at the helm of many battles and who brings about the ruin of miscreants?”   Sanjaya uvācha, “Hey King! I will now convey what the saintly Arjuna... Continue Reading →
  23. Yudhishtira receives the Akshaya Patra from Bhagawan Surya (1/14/2021) - Raja Yudhishtira was deeply troubled about the arrangements for the customary feeding of the Brahmans who had accompanied them on their exile. He went to his family priest Dhaumya Maharshi to seek his advice. Dhaumya Maharshi contemplated over the matter for a little while and remembered the upadesha (instructions) that he had received from Narada Devarshi... Continue Reading →
  24. Bhagawan Bala Mukunda reveals Himself to Markandeya Maharshi (4/21/2021) - Bhagawan Bala Mukunda uvācha, “O Venerable One! Even the devathas do not know My form satisfactorily and in reality. I will tell you the manner in which I create this universe because of your love and affection.   Brahmarshi! You are a devotee of the ancestors and you have sought refuge in Me and you have... Continue Reading →
  25. Tirthyatra Parva – Narada Devarshi visits Yudhishtira and explains the benefits of pilgrimage quoting the conversation between Bhishma and Pulastya Brahmarshi (9/8/2021) - Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! Dharmaraja Yudhishtira became sad on hearing the words of anxiety expressed by Draupadi and his brothers towards the well-being of Dhananjaya. As he was pondering over this, Mahatma Narada Devarshi arrived in his midst. Mahatma Narada Devarshi was resplendent with the Supreme Radiance like the fire that rises in all its glory when ghee... Continue Reading →
  26. Tirthayatra Parva: The description of innumerable tirths around Kurukshetra (10/29/2021) - Pulastya Brahmarshi uvācha, “Hey King! Then one should visit Kurukshetra that has been praised by Rishis, whose mere darshan will liberate one from all sins. One who always says, ‘I will go to Kurukshetra, I will reside in Kurukshetra’ will be liberated from all sins. If the mud from Kurukshetra brought by the wind touches the body,... Continue Reading →
  27. Aranya Parva – Chapter 8 – Vyāsa Maharshi advises Dhrutharashtra to stop Duryodhana and the injustice (1/25/2023) - Vyāsa uvācha, “O Wise Dhrutharashtra! Listen to me, I will reveal to you that which is in the best interest of the Kauravas.   O brave one! I do not like that you have sent the Pandavas to the forest. Duryodhana and others used deceit to defeat them in the game of dice.   O... Continue Reading →
  28. Aranya Parva – Chapter 9 – Vyāsa Maharshi narrates the episode of Surabhi and Indra (2/2/2023) - Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “Bhagawan! Even I do not approve of this game of dice. O Rishi! I think that the Supreme Being has forcibly dragged me into this matter.   Bheeshma, Drona and Vidura also did not approve of this game of dice. Even Gandhari did not wish that it was played; but I pushed everyone to... Continue Reading →
  29. Aranya Parva – Chapter 10 – Maitreya Maharshi curses Duryodhana (2/21/2023) - Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “O Wise Sage! Whatever you say, is right. I also think this is right and my courtiers and people think the same.   O Sage! You also think that is best which is in the interest and advancement of the Kuru vamsa. O Sage! This same thing has been said to me by Vidura,... Continue Reading →

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