Arunāmbara – Sri Shuka uvaacha

  1. An Introduction to “Arunāmbara – Sri Shuka uvaacha” (7/27/2018) - Prostrations to Lord Ganapathi, Ocean of Mercy and Kindness. Salutations offered to Sri Shuka Paramarshi, the venerable Great Guru of the Rishis. Obeisance paid to Bhagawan Shree Krishna, the Supreme Self, The Perfect Being.     “Arunāmbara – Sri Shuka uvaacha” is an English translation of a previously unknown discourse and discussion about Self-Enquiry and Self-Surrender, the four types of mukti, Aksara Vijnana,... Continue Reading →
  2. Aksharam Paramam Brahma – Chapter – 2 (7/28/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi on the request of Bhagawan Shree Krishna approaches Swethāranyeswar and finds him lost in thought staring aimlessly into the dense forest of Swethāranya. Swethāranyeswar suddenly experiences a deep bliss descending upon him and realizes that a great being has arrived. He turns around to find the ever-blissful radiant Sri Shuka Paramarshi standing near him. Swethāranyeswar prostrates and... Continue Reading →
  3. AUM – Chapter – 3 (7/30/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, AUM is said to be the Supreme sound or Nada or Sabda Brahman. What is this AUM? AUM is said to be Akara, Ukara and Makara. What is its origin? Has it self-manifested? Aksharam, the Imperishable manifests the self-luminous aksharas or alphabets that have inherent light, sound and matter. This self-luminosity manifested... Continue Reading →
  4. Chapter – 4 (8/2/2018) - Swethāranyeswar asks, ” O Revered One, there are so many ways and means to ponder over the Supreme Self and each is considered to be as extraordinary as the next. What should one do?”. Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Son, each created being who is the self-luminous akshara or alphabet in light, sound, matter, form, time, space,... Continue Reading →
  5. Chapter – 5 (8/3/2018) - Swethāranyeswar bowing down says, “O Great One! Your words are so beautiful and yet so difficult for me to comprehend. How is one to begin to understand and realize the path to Self-Surrender and Self-Enquiry that is already inherent? How is one to proceed when one is having so many doubts and lacking clarity on... Continue Reading →
  6. Chapter – 6 (8/4/2018) - Swethāranyeswar humbly asks, “O Great Guru of the Rshis! You are the all-knowing One. I beg you to enlighten me further about the various ways to understand and realize the anustana and sadhana to seek the Supreme Self that is inherent in each and every created being”. Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, there are innumerable... Continue Reading →
  7. Chapter – 7 (8/6/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi continues to say, ” Child, it is imperative to understand the complexity and structure and dynamics of the self-luminous aksharas that is this created universe. Each and every created being is a self-luminous akshara. He or it projects the composition, structure and differentials of light, sound, matter, time, space, movement, ego, mind, intellect,... Continue Reading →
  8. Chapter – 8 (8/7/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi asks, “Child, why is the knowledge of akshara or alphabets or letters necessary? Why is it known as Akshara Vijnana? What is the science of an akshara or alphabet? As I said earlier, every created being is in the form or shape of the self-luminous akshara or alphabet. The vast and expansive creation with... Continue Reading →
  9. Satchitananda – Chapter – 9 (8/8/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi asks,” Child, as I said now, the seed or beejam of a created being is the self-luminous akshara or alphabet and the seed or beejam of that self-luminous akshara or alphabet is Aksharam, then what is this self-luminous akshara or alphabet? I have said that it has manifested from Aksharam. I have also said that this self-luminous... Continue Reading →
  10. Four types of Mukti – Chapter – 10 (8/9/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, the composition and structure of this self-luminous akshara or alphabet will dictate the created being’s perception of the Supreme Self and this will then dictate the path the created being will follow to realize the Supreme Self. The premise for any path is immersion and absorption into the Supreme Self.... Continue Reading →
  11. Chapter – 11 (8/10/2018) - Swethāranyeswar offers salutations to Sri Shuka Paramarshi and says, ” O All-knowing One! I am speechless. I am in a state of joy just from hearing your words. It is indeed the greatest privilege to hear the innermost secrets of the Supreme Self from You. I am eternally grateful and thankful to You. I beseech You... Continue Reading →
  12. Gratitude (Kritagyata) – Chapter – 12 (8/11/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi continues saying, ” Child, any path or sadhana or anustana undertaken has to be done with devotion and faith – Bhakti  and Shraddha as this will lead the created being to become grateful and thankful to the Supreme Self. The impulse or feeling to be grateful and thankful every second should be spontaneous and natural... Continue Reading →
  13. Self-Surrender Chapter – 13 (8/13/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Son, the self-luminous akshara or alphabet i.e. its inherent nature that is Aksharam is one’s Guru, one’s teacher or Acharya, one’s best friend or Hiteshi, one’s companion or Sakha or Pārsada, one’s Father, one’s Mother, one’s sibling and one’s child. Supreme Self is one but forms are myriad. Why is being grateful and offering thanks imperative for one... Continue Reading →
  14. Chapter – 14 (8/14/2018) - Swethāranyeswar asks, “O Perfect Being! I surrender myself at Your Golden Lotus Feet and beg You to help me. Please tell me how am I to offer thanks to the Supreme Self.” Sri Shuka Paramarshi replies, “Dear child, as Aksharam or Imperishable is the seed for the self-luminous akshara or alphabet, and the self-luminous akshara or alphabet is... Continue Reading →
  15. Karma phala tyāgaḿ – Chapter – 15 (8/16/2018) - Swethāranyeswar expresses, “O Venerable Guru! This indeed is beautiful and astonishing to hear. I am grateful and thankful to You for revealing the inner secrets of the Supreme Self. But, when both happiness or sukha and sorrow or duḥkha are inherent in each and every action and inaction, words, thoughts and speech and fruits of the actions and inactions... Continue Reading →
  16. Chapter – 16 (8/17/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi continues saying, “Son, why has renunciation of the fruits of action and inaction, words, thoughts and speech or karma phala tyāgaḿ been given pride of place in a sadhana or anustana or practice? Why is it placed higher than knowledge or jnana and meditation or dhyana? It is indeed difficult for a created being to even understand what... Continue Reading →
  17. Dhyana – Chapter – 17 (8/20/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, ” Child, for a created being to even begin to show gratitude or Kritagyata and practise acceptance or Anumodhana for Self-Surrender, first he or it must contemplate and introspect on the Supreme Self. For a created being to know, realize, understand, perceive and experience the Supreme Self, the “body” or the manifest or Vyakta state of the... Continue Reading →
  18. Chapter – 18 (8/21/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, ” Child, is meditation or Dhyana only about sitting in the manner and position as prescribed in the scriptures or is there something more about meditation or Dhyana to be known? Introspection and contemplation about one’s own creation and the form and shape of the self-luminous akshara or alphabet in whose form... Continue Reading →
  19. Brahmopadesham – Chapter – 19 (8/22/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi continues saying, “Son, it should be known that a created being is in meditation or Dhyana always. Since, the origin of all creation is Aksharam or the Imperishable, every created being and all differentials of creation i.e. light, sound, matter, time, space, movement, ego, mind, intellect, five-fold attributes, five-fold elements and even the myriad forms of... Continue Reading →
  20. Chapter – 20 (8/24/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, ” Child, Brahmopadesham is the Supreme Knowledge that each and every created being will be taught by the self-luminous akshara or alphabet that is the Self. Brahmopadesham is the knowledge, understanding, perception, realization and experience of the self-luminous akshara or alphabet in entirety. That is the doctrine or Upadesh of the Supreme Self. When is Brahmopadesham bestowed on... Continue Reading →
  21. Transcendence – Chapter – 21 (8/25/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, when the very purpose of one’s existence is to know, realize, perceive, understand and experience the Supreme Self and lead him or it to become immersed and absorbed into the Supreme Self, the most appropriate and best method is to abide by the guidance and instructions of the Self or the... Continue Reading →
  22. Atom – Chapter – 22 (8/27/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, the complex gamut of creation and creation differentials of light, sound, matter, time, space, movement, ego, mind, intellect, five-fold attributes, five-fold elements, myriad shapes and forms of beings, myriad forms of the Supreme Self, innumerable mantras, the Vedas, Sabda Brahman, innumerable sadhanas and anustanas and everything else in this ever-changing... Continue Reading →
  23. Chapter – 23 (8/28/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, the interwoven structure of the atom is necessary to understand as it contains the entire gamut of creation and creation differentials of light, sound, matter, time, space, movement, ego, mind, intellect, five-fold attributes, five-fold elements and other parameters. What is important to know is that every atom in a created being... Continue Reading →
  24. Chapter – 24 (8/29/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, as I have said earlier that all of creation lies within the dynamic and complex structure of an atom, it is therefore necessary to perceive its interwoven complex structure, formation and composition to understand how to experience it and transcend it. As I have said earlier, the vast expanse of creation... Continue Reading →
  25. Swayambhu Lingam – Chapter- 25 (8/31/2018) - Swethāranyeswar bows down and asks, “O Great Guru! The astonishing feat of transcending the dense and subtle layers and planes of creation and creation differentials by You rendered all the Rshis and all of creation speechless. I beseech You to guide me further on this.” Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Son, as I have said earlier... Continue Reading →
  26. Chapter – 26 (9/1/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, the real meaning of Swayambhu Lingam is the transcendental journey and experience of the infinite, indivisible, unmanifest of the unmanifest and unknown of unknown known as the Supreme Self. This is beyond words and beyond description. To say it is space or void or to say it is wondrous or astonishing... Continue Reading →
  27. Chapter – 27 (9/6/2018) - Sri Shuka Paramarshi says, “Child, the transcendental journey and experience known as Swayambhu Lingam that leads to immersion and absorption into the Supreme Self can be achieved only with the help of the atoms or the “body” or manifest or Vyakta state of the self-luminous akshara or alphabet and the unmanifest or Avyakta state of the self-luminous akshara or... Continue Reading →

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