Yānasandhi Parva

  1. Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya enters the Kaurava Sabha after meeting the Pandavas – Chapter 47 – Slokas 1 – 17 (9/7/2020) - Vaishampayana uvācha, “Janamejaya! King Dhrutharashtra passed the whole night in conversation with Paramarshi Sanat Sujatha and the wise Vidura.   After the night had passed and dawn arrived, all the kingsmen came to the royal court to see sutaputra (son of a charioteer) Sanjaya with great joy.   Dhrutharashtra as well as all the Kauravas... Continue Reading →
  2. Yānasandhi Parva – Sanjaya conveys Arjuna’s message – Chapter 48 – Slokas 1 – 109 (9/10/2020) - Dhrutharashtra uvācha, “Sanjaya! I ask you in the midst of all these kings what message has been sent to us by the large-hearted generous/saintly Arjuna who has been at the helm of many battles and who brings about the ruin of miscreants?”   Sanjaya uvācha, “Hey King! I will now convey what the saintly Arjuna... Continue Reading →

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